Halo Master Chief 20th Anniversary Funko Pop releasing in April

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A Halo Master Chief 20th Anniversary Funko Pop figure will be released on April 29th, it has been confirmed. The figure will be an exclusive item through the Xbox Gear Store, and it is available for pre-order. The price is £12.49 and is limited to 3 per customer. The description for the Halo Master Chief 20th Anniversary Funko Pop reads as follows: “Commemorate 20 years of Halo with this Xbox Gear Shop exclusive Halo Funko Pop! featuring the Master Chief in his original MJOLNIR Mark V armor with a unique matte black colorway inspired by the Halo 20th Anniversary emblem. This XGS exclusive edition figure is available in strictly-limited quantities, don’t miss out!”

Halo Infinite is the most recent game to have released in the Halo franchise, having released earlier this month. In our review for Halo Infinite, Dom wrote: “Halo Infinite marks a clear moment in 343 Studios’ handling of the series. They finally have a grasp on what makes Master Chief tick, and they bring all of that knowledge to bear in often-spectacular fashion. While some issues nag, it’s clear that Halo Infinite is a brilliant new entry in the series, and one that makes this particular sci-fi FPS relevant once again.”


As the review alludes to, it has not been the smoothest of launches for Halo Infinite. The Big Team Battle matchmaking issues are persisting and will not be fixed until some point in January. There has also been criticism of the way progression has been handled on the multiplayer side of Halo Infinite, and the monetisation model for cosmetics. The regular Fracture: Tenrai event will be overhauled ahead of its next appearance in January. 343 apologised for misleading players by featuring premium content in promotional artwork for the event, and will be more attentive to more clearly showing what’s free and earnable. Because of that, and the reaction to the event in general, they’re overhauling the event pass to remove XP boosts and challenge swaps and replace them with items that were premium – this includes the full Kabuto amour set and post, and 343 will obviously make good for users that did spend money in the game. More event challenges will also be added so players can keep making progress and not get stuck.

For customisation and monetisation in general, 343 will be reviewing the ludicrously priced bundles and the value that is found in the in-game store, walking things back from the rather extreme situation that is currently in the game. They say that iInternal feedback is “sounding like Reddit”, and will look again at making free and paid customisation feel more rewarding, cross-core customisation, coatings, and other elements.

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