What We Played Over The Holidays

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It’s New Year’s Eve and I hope you’ve all had a wonderful final week to the year with Christmas wrapping itself around you with games (of both the digital and tabletop kind), relaxation and probably a bit too much indulgent food and drink.

But let’s get back to that first point, eh? What about those games? Whether it’s something old or new, what have you and yours been playing lately? For me, I was away from my home consoles, but had my Switch with me for some Mario Party Superstars and WarioWare, while also borrowing a PC to get a few games of Halo Infinite in here and there. Those were joined by a few board and card games though, breaking out the excellent Coup, Codenames and Blockbuster for a bit of social deduction and wordy clue giving.

Jim’s been similarly detached from his PS5, which has him yearning for more Hunt: Showdown whenever he gets home. He’s filled that void with an hour of the very deletable Thief Simulator, completing the bizarre Paratopic, and some more enjoyable time with Lair of the Clockwork God and The Banner Saga Trilogy. Oh, and he’s been engaged in “various heated Christmas quizzes and family board games,” of course.

Guardians of the Galaxy Review

The un-sainted Nick P has mostly been playing Guardians of the Galaxy, calling it “bloody marvellous” and a real surprise for him. Also, he and his wife have become obsessed with Katamari Damacy REROLL, which remains “super fun”.

Speaking of wives, Aran has been playing My Lovely Wife, a management game that’s “very adult with lots of questionable scenarios”. You can expect a preview of that in the new year, by which point Aran also hopes to have finished off Yakuza 5, which is a monster of a game.

Nic B wants to wish you all a Merry Christmas, as he’s been playing Ghost of Tsushima on his new PlayStation 5. “Took a while to get round to this because I thought it’d be Soulsborne difficult, but it’s really not. Strong recommend for anyone else concerned about the difficulty!”

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Ade has started on Spider-Man: Miles Morales, which he got for Christmas, has continued playing through It Takes Two with his other half, and has been battling through the insanely difficult Battle Brothers, which he’s reviewing for us.

Speaking of It Takes Two, Steve has been playing through it with his eldest, which has been “predictably vindictive” and which he thinks features “the most (deliberately) annoying character since the shopkeeper in Starfox Adventures.” That’s been joined by more Monster Hunter Stories 2, though he’s finished with its repetitive grind now, and Halo Infinite, which has ranged “fun to garbage depending on matchmaking.”

Tuffcub got into the spirit of things by breaking into mangled song:

Last Christmas I gave you my hea… no that’s not right. Last Christmas I hammered Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, about a hundred hours ploughing through the story. This Christmas.. I’m doing the same. I forgot I had the Season Pass so I’ve got a year of extra content, plus the free stuff they just dropped to play. Also I get to snog my hot Viking boyfriend.

Less snogging took place in Gamoc’s festive gaming, where he’s been playing Returnal. “I had a centimeter of the first boss’ health left before dying earlier. I was devastated.” Back to the start with you!

And finally, Dom has been playing a mixture of Pokémon Shield, Guardians of the Galaxy, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Chorus with a ‘v’ in it.

Now then, what have you been playing this past week?

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  1. I was away from my consoles in the Alps skiing (as the Swiss don’t bother much about COVID, which is very odd but good if you want to go skiing, etc.), so I only played some Zero Time Dilemma on my Vita.

    As we got our son Age of Empires 4, I had to install it on his PC, and it was so annoying to get this to run that I know again why I only play games on PlayStation. After some hours of getting these rubbish XBox gaming services unstuck and fixing other problems, we finally got it to work and my son loves the game. But he got a good impression what the advantages of console gaming are.

    I also got Returnal for Christmas, so am looking forward to playing that back home

  2. Well, the christmas thing happened so I had a few days with no gaming. And, somehow, a lack of food poisoning.

    But I did get Ghost of Tsushima in all it’s PS5 glory. Enjoying it a lot so far. Looks gorgeous, the combat is fun (especially those stand off bits), and somehow it avoids all the usual problems with big open world games. With the wind and other hints, I’ve not got lost so far. And all the extra bits don’t feel like they’re distracting me from the main story. I think I’ve done most of what there is to do in the first area before starting the second. Followed some cute foxes, climbed some hills (Ubisoft towers done right there) and seen more samurai arse in the hotsprings than is probably necessary. And still didn’t feel the need to rush on to the next area.

    Apart from that, some more of Life is Strange 2. Somehow, I’m not wanting the younger brother to die yet. Which is the greatest compliment you can pay a game like that. Taking my time with it, and not playing more than 1 episode at a time. Although still quicker than however long it took them to release it originally.

    And finally, a nice long game of “Too many things in the sale! How do I decide? Maybe wait until they add the second batch next week”

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