LEGO Super Mario Luigi’s Mansion set is available now

LEGO and Nintendo have confirmed that an expansion set for the LEGO Super Mario set is now available, and the new addition is based upon Luigi’s Mansion. It is quite a big set featuring a total of 877 pieces and it is recommended for ages 8 and onwards. The set itself will set you back a bit with it priced at $79.99/£69.99. The four character pieces the set includes are Toad, King Boo, Grabbing Ghost, and Garbage Can Ghost. You can see what the set is like in the trailer released below by Nintendo.

The description for the LEGO Luigi’s Mansion set reads: “Create a gem-hunting, ghost-battling LEGO® Super Mario™ level with Luigi’s Mansion™ Haunt-and-Seek Expansion Set (71401) for ages 8 and up. It features a new-for-January 2022 start plate and a rotating hallway to access each room. There are lots of fun challenges for LEGO® Luigi™ or LEGO® Mario™ (figures are not included): rescue Toad from a painting, uncover hidden gems, battle a haunted pool table, defeat a Garbage Can Ghost and a Grabbing Ghost, and topple King Boo from the tower. (Note: The71387 or 71360 Starter Course is required for interactive play.)”

Of course, if you rather play a Luigi’s Mansion game then you can’t go wrong with Luigi’s Mansion 3, which released back in 2019 for Switch. In our review, Reuben wrote: “With a lot of gameplay enhancements from previous iterations, a gorgeously rendered game world, and a whole host more besides, Luigi’s Mansion 3 is easily the apex of the franchise. The sheer amount to see and do, along with the amount of adorable details, make this game a wonderful experience and one I would recommend. Sucking at games has (rarely) felt this good.”

You can read the Luigi’s Mansion 3 review here. If you want more information on the Luigi’s Mansion Lego set then you can find details on the official website here.

Source: LEGO/YouTube

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