Far Cry 6 Pagan: Control DLC arrives next week

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Far Cry 6’s Pagan: Control DLC will be launching on January 11th, Ubisoft has confirmed. The content will be the second piece of the Season Pass, following on from Vaas: Insanity. As the name suggests Pagan: Control will be based around Far Cry 4 villain Pagan Min, King of the Kingdom of Kyrat and Dragon Head of the Triad Empire. The content will delve into Pagan Min’s mind where he will confront his past and familiar faces. Pagan Min’s aim is to break away from his guilt and regrets in life.


Stefan played through the Vaas: Insanity content, and wrote: “As for Vaas’ story, as someone whose first real experience with Far Cry came with the third entry, it’s nice to revisit the ever-so-memorable character. Yes, it’s obviously a play to the nostalgia that many people have for the game, but the way that Ubisoft frames it, plays with the events of Far Cry 3 and expands on Vaas’ story in various ways is enjoyable. It’s probably not essential – this isn’t going to transform any future playthroughs of Far Cry 3 – but it’s worthwhile for the diehard fans.”

In our review for Far Cry 6, Gareth wrote: “Far Cry 6 feels like a sequel that was made because there needed to be a sequel, that’s making changes because it needs to show progress. The previous three numbered games in the series felt like they had their own identity and tried to offer more and more options to the player, but Far Cry 6 is a lateral move towards something that isn’t quite the Far Cry I originally loved.”

Pagan: Control is the second of three pieces of DLC following Vaas: Insanity. Completing this trifecta of content will be Joseph: Collapse, and the will focus on Far Cry 5 villain Joseph Seed, the religious fanatic who set up the The New Eden cult.
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