Ghost of Tsushima has swept past 8 million sales

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Sucker Punch’s samurai epic Ghost of Tsushima has passed 8 million sales. The figures include the original 2020 PlayStation 4 release as well as the enhanced and expanded Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut release that arrived on both PS4 and PS5 last year.


It’s quite rare that we get game sale figures from Sony outside of significant landmark and busy launch weekends, and that makes it quite difficult for outsiders and industry watchers to figure out how well games have done in relation to one another. Ghost of Tsushima was a big success story in 2020, launching in July of that year and having sold 5 million copies by November. This meant that it could dethrone Horizon: Zero Dawn as the fastest selling original IP.

That left it in the shadow of The Last of Us Part II, which released a month earlier and raced to 4 million sales to be the fastest selling PS4 exclusive. We’ve not had an update on The Last of Us Part II sales since then, making comparisons impossible.

It’s fair to say that there’s been consistent interest in Ghost of Tsushima over the past year. Sucker Punch added the co-op multiplayer Legends DLC to the game later in 2020 and were then afforded the chance to expand on both the single player and multiplayer sides with the Director’s Cut release in August 2021. That included making a number of PlayStation 5-specific enhancements, such as featuring Japanese lip syncing for Japanese audio, new DualSense enhancements and improved graphics. There was also the new Iki island expansion for those wanting a new chapter to the adventure.

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Ghost of Tsushima: Legends got its final free content update back in October, which was a new survival mode map. This new arena, Blood and Steel, sees groups of up to four warriors face off waves of Oni attackers on Iki Island. There has been a lot of content released for Ghost of Tsushima since its release, and you can check out our guides below.

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  1. I’ve been tempted to pick this up – and Sekiro – but i’d like to play a demo or trial to get a feel for the combat before committing to it. Fat chance of that though so i’ll just have to wait for the right deal.

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