Castlevania NFTs to be auctioned by Konami as part of Memorial Series

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Castlevania NFTs are marking Konami’s entrance into the non-fungible tokens market. These Castlevania NFTs are part of Konami’s 35th Anniversary celebration for the iconic franchise. These NFTs are not just still images but also clips from the Castlevania series, with a total of 14 Castlevania NFTs being sold in this auction, which will be running next week from January 12th 10pm GMT to January 15th 2am GMT.


Konami enters NFT market using Castlevania


The auction is taking place on OpenSea which uses the Wyvern Protocol built upon the Ethereum blockchain technology. Ethereum has been heavily criticised for the environmental impact it has with some research suggesting one transaction on Ethereum uses the same amount of electricity as the average household in the US for an entire workweek. Ethereum is stating it will be pushing upgrades through 2022 to reduce the carbon footprint of transactions by 99%.

In the FAQ published by Konami the following has been made clear. One is that purchasing any of the NFTs does not entitle the owner any intellectual property rights such as copyright and trademarks, and there will be no cancellations or refunds once transactions are confirmed. Another interesting little tidbit is this line from the FAQ which reads, “NFT with the exact same data will not be resold, but similar NFTs tied to the same game-title may be resold in the future.”

Konami is not the first gaming company to embrace the NFT trend. In September last year the game Phantom Galaxies was revealed which would allow NFTs in game. Ubisoft revealed its NFT program Quartz with the aim to sell items for its games starting with Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, and Square Enix President Yosuke Matsuda also sees NFTs as an avenue for the games industry. There has been backlash too. STALKER 2’s NFT plans were cancelled after backlash from series fans, Valve will not allow NFTs or games with them on Steam, Wired Productions will not be including NFTs in its games, and Ubisoft also saw a lot of backlash to Quartz, with not much activity registered there.

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