Nobody Saves The World releases on January 18th

Nobody Saves The World will be released on January 18th, Drinkbox Studios has confirmed. The Guacamelee! and Severed developer announced the date, and confirmed that Nobody Saves The World will be available Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC via Steam and Windows 10. Nobody Saves The World will also be on Game Pass from day one on consoles, PC, and Cloud gaming. Drinkbox Studios also confirmed that the game’s soundtrack, composed by Jim Guthrie, will be available to purchase on Steam and be available on music streaming services once Nobody Saves The World launches.


Players will take on the role of the character called Nobody who stumbles upon a magic wand. That is convenient since the world is in danger, and magic will be the key to saving it. As Nobody learns how to wield the wand they learn different forms, such as an archer, a mouse, or a horse, to tackle the various quests that the game will have. Nobody Saves The World’s features include:

  1. QUESTING, NOT GRINDING: Player progression and new abilities are obtained exclusively by completing quests, not by defeating monsters. Quests range from “Complete a Dungeon”, to “Poison Baddies”, to “Cheer up a fellow rabbit-lover.”
  2. QUESTS UNLOCK NEW FORMS: Level up and unlock new Forms by completing quests. Each new Form has specific strengths and weaknesses and new abilities to experiment with.
  3. COMBINE ABILITIES: Customize your Forms by equipping abilities from other Forms: Mix and Match abilities in fun and unexpected ways!
  4. EVOLVING DUNGEONS: As you become stronger, procedurally generated dungeons will increase in difficulty and complexity to keep you on your toes!

When Nobody Saves The World was announced Lead Designer Ian Campbell said, “Nobody Saves the World is full of everything we love about Action-RPGs, and none of the stuff we hate. Gobs of forms and abilities, dozens of dungeons, hundreds of quests, tons of character customization – and no grinding! It’s packed with the Drinkbox charm you know and love… OH and also, you can play as a Horse!”

Source: Press Release

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