The Elder Scrolls Online is setting sail for a new expansion

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The Elder Scrolls Online is getting yet another expansion, Bethesda promising a year-long saga packed with new content in 2022.

Developer Zenimax Online Studios will be hosting an livestream later this month to share the first details. In the meantime, it has shared the following cinematic trailer.

The minute-long teaser doesn’t give too much away though definitely sets the tone for what’s coming to The Elder Scrolls Online. We see adventurers set sail for an island, seemingly scattered by harsh storms. What are the chances players will start this new DLC, face in the sand after a devastating shipwreck?

Why you should be playing The Elder Scrolls Online

What nuggets of info we have been fed suggests that this is a totally new chapter for the popular MMO, taking place in a never before seen part of the world. Some are speculating that the island seen in the trailer is Yokuda, west of Tamriel.

Where to watch the TESO livestream?

Bethesda has confirmed that the reveal go live on Twitch at the following times – 8PM GMT (UK) / 3PM EST / 12PM PST.

Last year saw the release of the latest Elder Scrolls Online expansion, Blackwood. Here’s what Reggie had to say in his review:

Blackwood is a brilliant throwback to Oblivion, but it feels like a starting point for a grander tale. Players going into Blackwood expecting a full-fat expansion experience will feel slightly letdown. Its dedication to 2006s Cyrodill shines through with the spaced out content making the overall zone feel a little empty. Still, the content itself is a job well done, ticking all the boxes to keep players entertained, but new features like Blackwood’s companions work best when revisiting older zones.

Meanwhile, The Elder Scrolls Online received a free next-gen update for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. This enabled an improved frame rate of 60 FPS, improved draw distance, and enhanced textures among other upgrades.

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