Get a Glimpse at Rogue Company’s new hero

rogue company new hero glimpse

Developer First Watch Games has given Rogue Company fans their first look at the title’s new upcoming hero, Glimpse.

As her name implies, Glimpse is all about stealth. Rogue Company allows for countless dynamic team compositions and playstyles, this new hero preferring to stalk the map for vulnerable opponents or causing disruption in larger fights.


rogue company new hero glimpse

Glimpse favours assault rifles and SMGs with two defining pieces of kit defining her loadout. First we have her Camouflage active ability, Camouflage – this will obscure you from sight, becoming more effective the slower you move. Then we have the Pop Smoke Grenade which explodes on impact to create a sudden distraction while blocking sightlines.

Here’s an overview of her lore and kit:

As a child, Glimpse was forced into a secret genetic modification program. She eventually escaped the facility that held her captive with the help of stolen cloaking technology. Scarred by her childhood trauma, she vowed to stop those responsible for creating her and has been hunting ever since.

Weapons: Assault Rifles (ARs) and SMGs

Starting Weapons: Nightshade AR and Knight SMG

Secondary: P12K Pistol

Melee: Kukri

Gadget (New): Pop Smoke Grenade – New variant of smoke grenade. When thrown, the Pop Smoke Grenade will erupt in smoke immediately upon making contact with a surface. Ideal for placing smokescreens quickly and/or in places you normally couldn’t; Semtex Grenades.


  • Camouflage – Activate your suit’s camouflage and become much harder to see, for as long as your energy supply lasts. Moving faster and/or taking damage makes you easier to see.

Glimpse’s Camouflage has 3 levels of invisibility based on how fast she moves.

  • Passive: Sleight

Your genetically engineered senses are dramatically heightened, allowing you to periodically detect enemies around you.


  • Nimble Hands
  • Hunter
  • Padded Steps
  • Stalker
  • Life Drain
  • Tracker Rounds
  • New Content

There’s no release date for Glimpse just yet though she was recently available via a closed test which hopefully means she will be joining the other Rogues soon.

In its latest developer, First Watch Games also outlines other changes coming to Rogue Company including various quality of life improvements.

When we first played Rogue Company at launch back in 2020, we were left pretty impressed. A third person hero shooter with a tactical edge, it has received numerous updates and expansion since launch, introducing a slew of maps, characters, and modes. Better yet, it’s still completely free-to-play.

Rogue Company is available to download and play on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC, and Nintendo Switch. And yes, there’s crossplay!

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