Cities: Skylines Airports DLC will launch alongside four content creator packs

Cities Skylines airport

Cities: Skylines Airports DLC is due to be released on January 25th, with the new pack adding airports to the game and the ability to manage them. This pack will be priced at $12.99. However, this will not be the only content released at the same time with four content creator packs also being announced. The packs include a map pack, a vehicle pack, and two radio stations that cater to those who like relaxation music and those who enjoy jazz.

  • Content Creator Map Pack ($4.99/€4.99/£3.99): Featuring 8 new terrain maps by Sanctum Gamer, unleash your city-building creativity on new and unique landscapes.
  • Content Creator Pack: Vehicles Of The World ($4.99/€4.99/£3.99): A set of 21 new vehicle assets from around the globe, brought to you by bsquicklehausen. Fill the streets of your cities with iconic service vehicles, like a Police Supercar and more!
  • Calm The Mind Radio ($3.99/€3.99/GBP TBC): When city-building stresses you out, tune that dial to Calm the Mind Radio. The game’s relaxation radio station will bring chill vibes into your architectural workflow.
  • On Air Radio (($3.99/€3.99/GBP TBC): Cool cats rejoice, On Air Radio brings jazz beats to Cities: Skylines. Ideal for building the smoothest cities around, ya dig?

The key features of Cities Skylines Airports DLC includes:

  • Modular Airport Building: Place and design your airport, connecting its various buildings by using concourse networks
  • Airport Progression: If your airport gets the approval of business travelers and tourists alike, you’ll be rewarded with expanded building options and bigger airplanes, creating a boon for the local travel industry.
  • Public transport: Make life easier for would-be travelers by placing dedicated airport buildings, allowing you to connect your airport to the city through base game transport types like bus, metro, and train stations.
  • Cargo Air Traffic: Tired of hiding your cargo terminals by themselves on the outskirts of your city? Create cargo terminals that are connected to the larger airport complex that fit in visually with other airport buildings, eliminating the need for older eyesores while hauling in new goods and materials.

On Tuesday 11th January at 2pm GMT Paradox Interactive will be doing a preview livestream of the Airports DLC on its Twitch channel. Cities Skylines first released in 2015 and since then has seen a number of DLC expansions that add to the way cities can grow or be impacted. Everything from Natural DisastersMass Transit, IndustriesCampusesSunset Harbour, and Going Green.

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