Our Most Wanted Games of 2022 – #1 God of War Ragnarok

Here we are, right at the peak of the mountain of games we consider our most wanted to see and play in 2022. In mid-December we started our sprint through our top 50 games for the coming 12 months – see our  but slowed down to better appreciate the games that made out top 5. So, what game could top Suicide Squad, the Dead Space remake, Horizon Forbidden West, and Elden Ring? Well, boy, I think you know the answer to that one already. It’s literally in the headline.

2018’s God of War found our beloved mass murderer Kratos a changed man. His days of God killing behind him and he was now living a quiet life as a family man with his wife and son, Atreus. Of course things didn’t stay that way for anywhere near long enough and shortly after his wife’s passing, father and son were off on another murder spree, this time in the realm of the Norse Gods, leading up to Æsir god Baldur getting it in the neck. That event sets off the story for the second game, Ragnarok, which will conclude the Norse story.


Set three years after the previous title, Ragnarok will find Atreus entering his troublesome teenage years – by troublesome we mean “He’s Loki” – with the duo traversing all nine realms of Norse mythology. On the way they are set to meet previous ally Freya, the chunky thicc boy Thor, both of which seem to want to have a word with Kratos for killing their sons. The stage is set for an epic conclusion to the story and one that is arriving earlier than previously planned, despite delays due to the Covid pandemic. Due to the long development time of each game it was decided to conclude the saga in two games rather than three, else fans may have to wait 15 years for the story to conclude and the dev team have been working on the same story for even longer.

However, this may not be the story we are all imagining. Kratos decimated the Greek gods leaving barely any of them standing, but this is Ragnarok of which there are many different interpretations. In one telling, it’s Loki’s son Fenrir (and yes, his son is a wolf) that kills Odin. While previous God of War games have had sexy-time mini games that sort of thing doesn’t really get a pass these days so it’s unlikely that we’ll see Atreus in the act. So will it be up to Kratos to revert to his old God killing ways? That also seems unlikely. Sure he’s still a grumpy old curmudgeon but he is a family man more than a warrior now and the death count of Gods in the 2018 game was comparatively low.

Raganrok will happen, but how and why remains to be seen, and there’s one other question: Will Kratos survive? He is an old man now and this is set to be the conclusion of the series. As we’ve seen with a certain other PlayStation series, Sony are happy to let their top developers smack a fan favourite character’s brains out with a golf club… There’s also the question of where he could go; Egypt is the obvious choice and it has been hinted at the in the games, but Egyptian mythology predates both Greek and Norse, so in theory that mythology is very much dead by the time of Ragnarok. Then again, there may be a way round that.

God of War Ragnarok is set to be released in 2022 for both PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, but currently has no firm release date.

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