Techland clarify how long Dying Light 2 takes to complete

how long is dying light 2

Techland thought they were being clever when they proudly announced Dying Light 2: Beyond Human would take 500 hours to fully complete.

There was a considerable backlash with many pointing out that 500 hours was just ridiculous so they added another tweet, “500 hours is related to maxing out the game – finishing all the quests, endings, and exploring every part of the world, but a regular player should finish the story + side quests and do quite a lot of exploring in less than 100 hours, so don’t worry!”

They have now revised the timings again and are saying that to finish the just the main story, which is what most players are interested in, will take 20 hours.

“We wanted to clarify our recent communication about the amount of hours required to complete the game. Dying Light 2: Stay Human is designed for players with different gameplay styles and preferences to explore the world how they see fit,” they tweeted.

how long is dying light 2

Dying Light 2 Stay Human was recently delayed and will now be landing on digital and physical stores on February 4th, 2022 on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. This is the second time the announced release date has moved, as back in January 2020 Techland announced that the game would be delayed out of its early 2020 window to allow additional development time,

“Dying Light 2 Stay Human is by far the biggest and the most ambitious project we’ve ever done. Unfortunately, we’ve realized for us to bring the game to the level we envision, we need more time to polish and optimize it,” said Pawel Marchewka, CEO of Techland.

There’s a new promotional site that will let you discover what type of zombie you would become, and also reveals more about these new monsters. Techland have also partnered with Dynamite Entertainment to create a comic book set in the Dying Light world, called Banshee: I Am The Cure.

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  1. Is 20 hours of gameplay worth the £54.99 asking price on Steam then? Is that a normal going rate?

  2. Seems they can’t win. But if people weren’t complaining on twitter, what else would they be doing on there?!

    Credit to them for going all out for the sequel instead of rushing out a quick cash grab.

  3. As I recall the way you choose to play it is the way you have to finish it. If you choose a different style the map will change. That ought to give several hundred hours of play time.

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