Why are Red Dead Online fans angry at Rockstar?

Red Dead Online players have been throwing quite the strop this past weekend. Fans of the cowboy sandbox sim have rallied to push #SaveRedDeadOnline on social media as they believe Red Dead Online is being shafted and that Rockstar hasn’t done enough to support the game.


Specifically, players are frustrated at the lack of regular content updates. While RDO has seen its fair share of content since launch, the number of new missions, professions, features, and cosmetics has dried up, the clip at which these are added being slow and inconsistent. Overall, there’s a general feeling that Rockstar has both hands full, blissfully tugging on the bountiful teats of Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online.

The last major Red Dead Online update, titled Blood Money, launched in July 2021 to a mixed reception. The free expansion introduced Crimes and Opportunities as new activities within the game world, finally letting you posse up and rob trains among other unsavoury pass times. Since then, however, players have been waiting for Rockstar to give them something more substantive. What’s even more frustrating, the community claims, is the developer’s wall of silence. It’s their hope that Rockstar will address fans’ concerns and outline a roadmap of new content for 2022.

With Rockstar being Rockstar, we wouldn’t be surprised if that didn’t happen. It’s clear to see that Red Dead Online hasn’t been as successful as Grand Theft Auto Online, perhaps to the extent that plans for new content and expansions have been put on hold or canned entirely. Meanwhile, GTA Online has seen regular content drops and events, including last year’s The Contract. This included a meaty chunk of story missions, not to mention brand new music from one Dr. Dre.

Red Dead Online is included with every purchase of Red Dead Redemption 2. More recently, the multiplayer mode was made available as a standalone title on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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