What We Played #533 – Fantasian, Far Cry 6 & The Anacrusis

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This week has been an interesting one for my gaming habits. Despite being home a lot more than planned, the amount of time I’ve spent gaming has plummeted thanks to falling off my bike and ending up with broken bones in both hands. Thankfully it’s not a complete gaming shutdown, as I did find that I can play Pokémon Shield, so I’ve been catching as many of those cute critters as I can, and I’ve started the incredible Fantasian on iPad, which is the perfect sort of game for someone without opposable thumbs.

Fantasian iPad JRPG

Aran has been playing more Far Cry 6. He tells us, “I’m still mainly ignoring the main story to continue exploring Yara and taking military checkpoints. I think I’m near enough the max level already, but I’m very early in the storyline.”

Jim has been playing Moving Out and Unpacking in real life. His review? “Not really much fun”. In terms of actual video games, he’s been juggling a couple of hits from 2017. He says, “Ahead of Forbidden West, I’ve dived back into Horizon: Zero Dawn and it still doesn’t click with me. I enjoy the world, the story, and characters, but the combat has always felt slapdash and not very rewarding at all. For some reason I still feel compelled to play through the Frozen Wilds DLC after bagging the platinum trophy, though I don’t think it will reshape my thoughts on the game. I’ve had a much better time with Super Mario Odyssey. I’m up to New Donk City and it’s been a great getaway game to sink the odd half hour into here and there.”

The Anacrusis Brute

Steve has played a few bits of Xbox games for Rewards shenanigans and is about half way towards the amount needed to cash in for an Xbox Series S. This is serious commitment, ladies and gentlemen. He’s also enjoying some Aggelos at bedtime – “a nice little retro Metroidvania” – on Switch. Aside from that he played some fun multiplayer with the erstwhile Tef and Miguel in The Anacrusis, and finally started tinkering with the Webrcade site – a browser based classic games player.

Nic B worked his way through Ghost of Tsushima on the PS5, saying “it’s stunning and well worth the £8 upgrade”. When he’s not been playing that, he’s burned through Overcooked 1 and 2 with his girlfriend, and is now smashing Moving Out. If anyone has any similar co-op nonsense to recommend, send it his way!

Gareth played Returnal, where he’s now barely short of beating the second boss/biome. He’s also played Deep Rock Galactic, telling us, “I’ve had my eye on for ages and now it’s finally hit PS consoles I am glad to report that it’s pretty fantastic.”

Ade returned to Battle Brothers this week, and yes, he can confirm it is far and away the hardest game he’s ever played. He continued, “Made Nioh look like a cake walk in comparison. Also, having finished up with It Takes Two, my partner and I sought another co-op to while away these dark winter nights. We settled on Kingdom Two Crowns: Norse Lands. Quite frankly, due to a lack of a tutorial, we have no idea what we are doing or why we are doing it. That doesn’t stop the game being oddly addictive!”

Far Cry 6 Yara

Nick P has mostly played Far Cry 6, just working his way through missions and blowing lots of stuff up. On the side, he’s been taking care of business in Fortnite and murdering fools in Dead by Daylight.

Miguel played Anacrusis with Steve and Tef! His take is, “It’s got some rough spots but it’s way more of the classic L4D experience than Back 4 Blood was, so I had a fun time with it. I also played some Windjammers 2, and I’m starting to try and regularly dip my toes into Valorant – the default game mode is SO long, though. Each match is like 40 minutes long, so I can basically only play one a day. Played some Fortnite, Judgement, and Apex Legends as well.

Completing the trifecta of gaming, Tef played Anacrusis with Steve and Miguel! And then Tuffcub continues to break with tradition by playing AC Valhalla and It Takes Two with his husband; “Most of which was teaching him how double jump works.”

What about you? What have you played?

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  1. Finished off Ghost of Tsushima. Just a few collectibles to find now (why don’t they all show up on the map? Most of them do, but some are missing). And started on the Iki Island stuff. Overall, it’s excellent and somehow avoids all the things that generally get annoying in open world games. Except they’re still there. Some nice side quests. Things to collect that aren’t too distracting. That bit with the hotsprings. (Well, it entertained me ;) And some Ubisoft Towers that aren’t annoying.

    On top of that, I finished off Life Is Strange 2. And enjoyed it all. Some horrible stuff happens to them on the way. And at least one decision was “do the wrong thing for good reasons” one I did manage to justify to myself afterwards. Looking at what possible endings there are (seems to be about 7), I think I got the best one. Or what I think is the best one. So that’s good.

    Apart from that, lots of Deep Rock Galatic. Which is just a huge amount of fun still, even with random players. Some of which may or may not be called Karl. And the “kick the barrels through the hoop” mini-game can piss off. 3000 points from 100 barrels for a trophy? Bollocks to that. I’ll just get drunk and jump through the hoop myself. Oooh look! A trophy!

  2. Just Guardians of the Galaxy this week for me. I’m reasonably near the end, I think, so I’m aiming on finishing the story this weekend – I might even get the platinum, depending on how long it takes me to find all the outfits…

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