Apex Legends PS5 version spotted ahead of Season 12

Apex Legends will soon be arriving on PS5, according to a recent data leak. The Twitter account, PlayStation Game Size, is a regular source for tracking new games, DLC, and updates being added to the PlayStation Store. It recently revealed an Apex Legends PS5 version which will weigh in at over 80GB (before updates).

For a while now, the Apex community have been waiting for news of a native next-gen edition on both PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. Right now, the game is playable on these platforms via backwards compatibility. While these updated versions offer slight improvements over the base PS4 and Xbox One game, they don’t push the new hardware to their full potential.

A native version of Apex Legends running on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S should, theoretically, offer a big boost in performance and graphical fidelity while also introducing platform focused features such as DualSense haptics for PlayStation users.

When can we expect the popular battle royale shooter to land on PS5? The leak doesn’t point to a release date though we’re anticipating that it will arrive in the coming weeks.

Naturally, many are speculating that Apex Legends will launch on PS5 (and Xbox Series X|S) at the start of Season 12. Again, Respawn Entertainment hasn’t confirmed a start date for this new season though we’re guessing it will kick off in early February 2022.

Apex Legends Storm Point Ash

Look at Respawn’s recent track record, the studio tends to leave a three month gap between seasons, Season 11 having started back in November 2021.

What can players expect from Season 12? Besides the likely launch of a native next-gen version, we can hopefully look forward to yet another playable hero, as well as new weapons and a fresh battle pass loaded with plenty of unlockable rewards.

Respawn Entertainment is said to be busy on numerous projects for publisher EA. These include a rumoured sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order as well as a new singleplayer first person shooter. However, this project won’t be Titanfall 3.

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