Here’s when you can buy Final Fantasy 14 again

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Square Enix has announced when Final Fantasy 14 will be available to buy again, after the popular MMORPG was removed from sale last month.

Director Naoki Yoshida and the team confirmed that Final Fantasy 14 and its expansions will go live on the store from January 25, 2022 at 17:00PM JST – or 08:00AM the following day for UK players.

Endwalker, the MMO’s newest expansion,  released on December 7, 2021, adding a huge glut of content from quests, dungeons, and raids, to the Reaper and Sage classes. Having soared in popularity over the past couple of years, server queue times soared on Endwalker’s launch day. Square subsequently removed Final Fantasy 14 from sale – drastic yet effective measure.

In response to the surge of players, the company is expanding the number of data centres it operates in every major region while also opening servers in Oceania. Here’s what Yoshida had to say about the latest game update:

I wish to apologize for the delays to server expansion caused by the global semiconductor shortage. The necessity for communities to separate due to the regrouping of Worlds is another inconvenience that may prove unavoidable for some players, and we ask for your understanding as we work to alleviate this issue.

Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker Review

Our resident Final Fantasy 14 expert, Reuben, scored Endwalker a mighty 9 out 10 in his review:

“Once you’re past the horrendously long queues to actually get into the game, Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker was an almost flawless experience. This conclusion to a decade-long tale is told with a visual, musical and narrative artistry that isn’t often seen in any medium. Endwalker doesn’t quite reach the heights of earlier parts of the series, but it sure as hell ends the current arc with a bang and everyone involved with this game should feel damn proud of themselves.”

If you’re even remotely interested in playing a free trial for FF14 is available, packing in the base game and its first expansion, Heavensward.

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