Halo Infinite patch has not fixed broken BTB matchmaking [Updated]

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An update has gone live for Halo Infinite designed to fix issues with the Big Team Battle (BTB) matchmaking in the game. This is a client-side patch that will need to propagate through the player base in order to take effect, which could take some time.

Update: Halo Community Manager Brian Jarrard has sadly stated that the hotfix has not resolved the issues with BTB matchmaking.


The hotfix comes as a new in-game event has been introduced to the game. The Cyber Showdown Event is running from 18th January to 1st February with glowy cyber rewards and a new Attrition game mode. This gives teams a limited respawn pool to give classic Slayer action a slight twist. Additionally, 343 Industries has revised store prices.

The new hotfix weighs in at under 1GB on all platforms with the following patch notes addressing the two issues fixed and the compensatory XP Boosts and Challenge Swaps that will be handed out.


  • Minor service adjustments to improve Big Team Battle matchmaking.
    • The team is continuing to monitor and investigate this issue. Stay tuned to @HaloSupport on Twitter for updates on the investigation. Thank you for your patience.
    • All players who sign into Halo Infinite between 10am PT on January 19th and 10am PT on February 16th, 2022 will receive 5 Double XP Boosts and 5 Challenge Swaps. These items will automatically be added to your inventory when you launch the game.
  • Minor physics improvement to the Oddball to mitigate exploits.

Unfortunately, the earliest signs have not been particularly positive. The update has been out for less than an hour and users are still reporting errors appearing when trying to matchmake. This has prompted a Halo Subreddit moderator to step in with clarification:

Everyone, this is a client-side update, give it a second for people to download it before saying it doesn’t work. Already seeing people saying it’s working now. There’s a chance there were people in BTB games on the old build and they needed to complete before the new build would matchmake in BTB, could be any number of reasons why it temporarily didn’t work right after update.

Have a little patience, in other words.

Source: Halo Waypoint, Reddit

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