Dauntless update 1.9.0 makes major Hunt Pass and Bounty changes

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A new Dauntless update is now available to download, ringing in a new season for the popular beast-slaying online RPG.

As ever, each major seasonal update comes tagged with a fresh Hunt Pass loaded with new rewards, bonuses, and cosmetics.

This latest Dauntless patch also makes some major changes to its Hunt Pass and Bounty systems, among other quality of life improvements.

From now on whenever you purchase a Hunt Pass it will be yours to keep forever. Similar to the battle passes seen in Halo Infinite, you are free to level them up at your own pace instead of being pressured into blitzing them during a particular season!

Secondly, Bounties have also been improved. In Dauntless, these are achievement-style challenges that can be completed to increase your Hunt Pass rank. They come in either bronze, silver, or gold variations, the new update allowing you to take a bronze Bounty and boost it to silver, or take a silver and boost it to gold.

Of course, there are plenty of other changes, as seen in the patch notes below. We recently re-reviewed Dauntless for 2022 and a lot has changed since the game’s first iteration.

Dauntless Update 1.9.0 Patch Notes

Below we’ve picked out some highlights from the newest patch. See the source link for a full list of Behemoth, event, and game changes.


  • Reduced Tough Hide’s unwounded damage penalty from -50% to -40%.
  • Reduced Tough Hide’s currently wounded damage boost from +25% to +15%.
  • Reduced Tough Hide’s post-wounded damage boost from +50% to +30%.
  • Shield amount granted from Cascade and Guardians now caps at 600 each.
  • Slightly reduced size of boosted orbs from Cascade. Purple orbs always appear at larger sizes. Ponder the orbs, Slayer.


  • Increased the per-player core health scaling on Behemoths from +59% to +75%. This means players will see an increase in Behemoth core health when playing in groups.

Chain Blades

  • Lacerating Onslaught has new animations for the first 2 attacks.
  • Players can move or dodge sooner after performing either light or heavy follow-ups with Reaper’s Dance and Insatiable Dance specials.

Quality Of Life

  • Players can now salvage 1 or 5 cells at once at the Middleman.
  • Quest objectives requiring specific items will now display the description of the item.
  • The chat box will now display who interrupted Behemoths. Let them know you appreciate them!
  • Huntpass automatically opens when purchased.
  • The skip cinematic button will now fade when it’s not being pressed.
  • Ramsgate map now has a tutorial.
  • Destroyable projectiles now show damage numbers.

Source: Dauntless

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