Sniper Elite 5 Invasion Mode revealed for the single player campaign

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Rebellion has unveiled a brand new multiplayer mode for Sniper Elite 5: Invasion Mode. This will allow players to join a campaign playthrough, not as a co-op ally, but as an Axis sniper looking to take down Karl Fairburne. Check out the latest CGI trailer by Rebellion VFX:


The optional Invasion Mode adds a new layer to the single player campaign of Sniper Elite 5, which sees Karl Fairburne battling through France in 1944. With an Axis player joining the game, they will have the sole objective of eliminating the Allied sniper, who also gains the bonus objective of taking out the invading player. The mode is even available for a co-op campaign playthrough, with greater rewards for the Axis invader who now has two Allies to take down. There’s weapons, items and skin unlocks for both sides, and bonus XP for simply having Invasion Mode enabled.

The invading player has a couple of special abilities to help them out. You can tag an Axis soldier with the ‘Eagle Eyes’ ability, which means that if they spot the Allied player, their location will then be relayed to you. You’re also able to command nearby soldiers to ‘Stay Sharp’, which enhances their awareness.

On the Allied side, you’ll be able to find invasion phones around the map which will signal to you the last known location of the Axis sniper. These phones can be booby trapped and using them too often can actually reveal your location instead.

Thankfully, if you don’t want to have Invasion Mode enabled, you don’t have to. It’s an optional part of the game, but feels like it will be a great fit for Sniper Elite 5, sprinkling a bit of Enemy at the Gates’ atmosphere into the game.

Chris Kingsley, CTO at Rebellion, said: “Invasion Mode is a fantastic addition to the gameplay experience of Sniper Elite 5. A human controlled invader can act in ways that are so diverse and unpredictable, which adds to the challenge and ramps up the tension even further. The player will be informed that an invading Axis Sniper has joined their game and from that point on it becomes an extremely intense, high stakes game of cat and mouse.”

Invasion modes have a rich history in video games, but are rather uncommon. One of the earliest examples comes from the N64 and Perfect Dark, where rival players could hop between AI soldier bodies to try and stop Joanna Dark. More recently, PvP invasions have become a rather popular side to the Dark Souls series (especially amongst hackers, right now), and id Software originally planned for an Invasion mode to feature in Doom Eternal, though eventually gave up on the idea.

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Sniper Elite 5’s development was confirmed all the way back in 2019, but Rebellion has taken their time with this particular project. In the meantime, they’ve remastered Sniper Elite V2, brought that game, Sniper Elite 3 and Sniper Elite 4 to the Nintendo Switch, and delivered a compelling spin-off in Sniper Elite VR. They’ve also enhanced Sniper Elite 4 for the new generation of consoles.

Sniper Elite 5 is coming to PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, Xbox One and PC in 2022. Oh, and it’s going straight into Xbox Game Pass when it does come out.

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