Risk of Rain 2: Survivors of the Void Railgunner revealed along with release date

Risk of Rain 2: Survivors of the Void will be released on March 1st on PC, Hopoo Games and Gearbox Publishing have confirmed. Along with the announcement of the release date, the first of two new survivors for Risk of Rain 2 has been revealed. That new character is the Railgunner. A new trailer has been released which showcases the Railgunner’s abilities including a first person scope, supercharged shot, and a concussion device.


The Railgunner is equipped with a M99 Sniper with the scope picking out enemy weak points, and if it hits it deals 1000% critical strike. However, there is no random critical chance with the Railgunner. Instead, critical strike chance gained with items is converted into additional critical strike damage. Perfect reloads will also grant the next shot 500% base damage.

“Risk of Rain has always been about thinking of the wildest experiences possible and making them real,” says Paul Morse, co-founder of Hopoo Games. “We gave Railgunner an FPS-style scope to challenge what our game can be, and we ended up with a dynamic Survivor we are confident many players will enjoy.”

“As the first ever expansion for Risk of Rain 2, Survivors of the Void is packed with loads of new content designed to give players different ways to play,” says Duncan Drummond, co-founder of Hopoo Games. “Railgunner is just one piece of the puzzle, and there’s more fun stuff coming. Simply put, Survivors of the Void is going bigger than anything we have ever done before!”

A console release date for the Risk of Rain 2: Survivors of the Void is yet to be confirmed.

Source: Press Release

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