Team17 announces it will be selling NFTs but states it will not impact games

Team17 is the latest game publisher to announce that it is embracing NFTs, announcing a partnership with Reality Gaming Group. With this partnership, Team 17 has stated that these NFTs will be called MetaWorms and that they will be environmentally friendly. According to a claim, ‘cost of minting 100,000 NFTs on Reality Gaming Group’s sidechain uses the same energy as the average ANNUAL kettle usage of just 11 households.’ According to CheckAppliance a kettle uses 164 kw/h in a year, so multiply by 11 and the total is 1804 kw/h.

Harley Homewood, Head of Publishing, Team17 Digital, said: “Worms remains an iconic franchise in global gaming with tens of millions of fans around the world, so we’re really excited and proud to announce our partnership with Reality Gaming Group ahead of the release of highly limited edition artwork NFTs later this year. The ultra-low energy technology Reality Gaming Group uses, together with their carbon neutral servers, played an essential part of the reassurances we sought before our agreement; we’re very much looking forward to giving Worms fans a chance to own a piece of our history.”


Tony Pearce, Co-Founder at Reality Gaming Group, added: “I’ve been a fan of Worms for over two decades, so to partner with Team17 to create an amazing collection of MetaWorms NFTs is a dream come true. Team17 is a Britsoft hero developer and indie games label and Worms has an iconic place in the collective gamer consciousness, so we can’t wait to give fans digital collectible artwork from across the franchise. This partnership is a ringing endorsement of our DAT platform and further highlights the growing importance of NFTs within the games ecosystem.”

The thing is that this announcement by Team17 seems to have come as a surprise to some of the staff members with some having no knowledge of this NFT project. In addition, Team17 has clarified to Eurogamer that these NFTs will not be introduced into games and will remain as digital artwork. The reception from the public has also been negative, which is no surprise considering the backlash companies like Ubisoft have received over NFTs.

Source: Press Release/Eurogamer

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