God of War PC update fixes crashing, windowed mode bug

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Sony has rolled out a new game update for God of War PC. This latest patch makes a number of minor improvements, actioning player feedback since the former PS4 exclusive released on Steam and the Epic Games Store.


There’s nothing major to highlight though PC players will appreciate some of the more specific fixes targeting game crash instances and God of War appearing in windowed mode during play.

Overall, God of War PC is a remarkable port of what is widely considered one of the best PlayStation games of all time. Here’s what we said in our review: “PC gamers have all of the graphics options they could really want, and the game’s origins mean that even fairly modest gaming PCs can push for high frame rates and resolutions. If you’ve not already played the game on PlayStation, this is a great chance to catch up ahead of Ragnarok’s highly anticipated release.”

God of War PC Update 1.0.4 Patch Notes


  • Atreus will now reset his state during restart from checkpoint or saved game should he become unresponsive.
  • Fixed some rare instances of graphics driver crashes.
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect VRAM detection on Intel XE platform.
  • Fixed an issue where the display mode setting would visually set to windowed mode when resetting display settings to default on an ultrawide monitor.
  • Fixed an issue where control functionality would be lost if opening inventory during realm travel sequence.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur at client shutdown.


  • Added support for DLSS Sharpening slider.

Other Changes

  • Added additional logging to crash reports to help identify root causes of intermittent crashes.

God of War Ragnarok

Naturally, the PC release has amplified the hype surrounding God of War’s sequel. Set three years after the previous title, God of War Ragnarok will find Atreus entering his troublesome teenage years – by troublesome we mean “He’s Loki” – with the duo traversing all nine realms of Norse mythology. On the way they are set to meet previous ally Freya, the chunky thicc boy Thor, both of which seem to want to have a word with Kratos for killing their sons.

The stage is set for an epic conclusion to the story and one that is arriving earlier than previously planned, despite delays due to the Covid pandemic. Due to the long development time of each game it was decided to conclude the saga in two games rather than three, else fans may have to wait 15 years for the story to conclude and the dev team have been working on the same story for even longer.

There’s no confirmed release date for God of War Ragnarok just yet though we’d guess it will arrive towards the end of 2022.

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