Dying Light 2 – how to repair your weapons

dying light 2 repair weapons

How do you repair weapons in Dying Light 2? When out exploring the infected-ridden streets of Villedor, you’ll amass an arsenal of gnarly weapons, from standard hatchets and hammers to more exotic bludgeoning tools. Caked in blood and bone fragments, you’ll develop an attachment to some of them, usually those with a high damage stat and loaded with various modifications.

As in the original game, there’s a weapon durability system in Dying Light 2. Each time you land a blow, this bar will gradually deplete and your weapon will become less effective until it eventually breaks, being lost forever.

There is an easy way to repair weapons in Dying Light 2, however. With this being such a large open world game crammed with systems and features, it’s easy for some useful bits of information to slip under the radar.

Dying Light 2 – how to repair your weapons

Thankfully, you don’t need to return to a settlement or base camp in order to carry out repairs. What you will need, however, is at least one weapon modification upgrade recipe – these are available from any of the game’s Craftmaster NPCs with additional recipes unlocking as you progress along the main story path.

You may already be familiar with weapon upgrades. These can be used to add special effects to your arsenal, such as elemental damage or small stats buffs. There’s something you may have missed, however. Each time you slot an upgrade, it will partially repair your weapon’s durability. So, if your favourite cricket bat is looking a little splintered, this method should help you preserve it for at least a little while longer. Just note that not all not all weapons will have slots, meaning they cannot be repaired.

Perhaps the bigger question is whether you should be repairing old weapons? As previously established, there’s no shortage of new weapons scattered around Villedor. Our advice is to make sure you’re only equipping weapons (and gear) with the highest rank number available to you at the time.

Although it’s tempting to retain your favourite weapons, modifications can be resource-intensive when making them. In most cases, these parts can be better spent on crafting consumables and other equipment.

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