Jump Force is about to vanish from digital storefronts

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Jump Force, the crossover anime action game from Bandai Namco, is about to be pulled from digital storefronts.

Today is your last chance to purchase a copy of the game from the PlayStation Store, Xbox Store, Nintnedo eShop, and Steam. As you long as you own Jump Force you will still be able to download and play though it’s worth pointing out that the game’s online multiplayer won’t be available for long. Servers will be shut down later this year at the end of August.

It’s not all bad news. Those still sat on the fence can grab Jump Force on the cheap via Xbox (£5.49) and the eShop (£8.99) though it’s still full price on PlayStation and PC. Physical copies are very easy to find, however, floating around the £15 mark.

Here’s when those digital versions disappear forever:

  • PST – Monday February 7 @ 5PM
  • EST – Monday February 7 @ 8PM
  • GMT – Tuesday February 8 @ 1AM
  • CET – Tuesday February 8 @ 2AM
  • JST – Tuesday February 8 @ 10AM

It’s hard to say Jump Force will be missed, despite launching less than 3 years ago, back in early 2019. Although ambitious in its attempt to bring Shonen Jump icons together, including Naruto, One Piece, and Dragon Ball, it was mostly panned by reviewers. It currently sits on an OpenCritic score of 57 which seems higher than I remember when those launch day reviews dropped.

In our review, resident anime liker Miguel scored Jump Force a disappointing 3/10:

Crossover games are nothing new to Bandai Namco or Shonen Jump, so it surprises and disappoints me to see that none of the good aspects or successful mechanics of these previous games made their way into Jump Force at all. Jump Force is a visual mess, It lacks the fun and charm that a wild crossover like this should embrace, and It’s just a technical mess from top to bottom. Jump Force is a huge celebration of some of the most iconic manga in history, but it fails to do any of them justice.

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