PS Plus Free Games for March 2022: What are they and when do they come out?

PS Plus March 2022

When will PS Plus March 2022 games be announced and released?

Traditionally PlayStation Plus games have always been announced on the last Wednesday of ever month at 4.30 PM UK time with the games going live the following Tuesday morning. That means the PS Plus March 2022 reveal should be on February 23rd 2022, with the games going live on Tuesday March 1st . That said, Sony occasionally decide to change things up and announce them earlier or later depending on the weather, what colour underpants they have on, or some other random factor.

What will the PS Plus March 2022 games be?

The PS plus games have been regularly leaked by Billbil-kun on French deals website Dealabs including the reveal of the games for January 2022. Sadly they did not manage to get a scoop of the February games so it looks like their informant has been caught by Sony.

However, we already know one of the games you will be getting as part pf PS Plus March 2022 as ,after a delay, GTA Online will finally be released on 15th March. Announced at the PS5 game showcase in the middle of 2020, GTA V was expected to release in 2021 for the new generation. The delay of the new generation port by four months meant that Rockstar had to extend the long-running PlayStation promotion where PS Plus members on PS4 can claim $1,000,000 of in-game currency each month until the PS5 version is released.

PS Plus March 2022

As for the other games, two titles are released on March 1st and they are FAR: Changing Tides and ELEX II. However you can pre-order both FAR: Changing Tides and ELEX II on the PlayStation Store and that usually is not the case if the game is coming to PlayStation Plus.

In recent months Sony have tended to give away older games rather than brand new releases for PS5 which was the pattern for the first year of the PS5’s release. The PS4 games could be anything but the list of games with PS5 upgrades is quite small and many such as Dirt 5 and Maneater have already been given away. However, there are a couple of games that publishers would love a sudden influx of players who the can sell DLC, so how about Marvel’s Avengers or Outriders? They seem like good bets.

In the last few days PlayStation users have spotted that Sifu, a game that launched just a few weeks ago, now has the PS Plus icon if they browse their gaming library. Before Dirt 5 and Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands came to the service they also had the icon in advance, so does this indicate that Sifu is one of the March 2022 games?

That does seem very unlikely, many people paid full price for the game when it launched on 8th February and Sony would not want to upset them.

Can I still download the February 2022 PlayStation Plus Games?

Yes you can. The three games are as follows:

Note that Planet Coaster Console Edition will only be playable on PlayStation 5, and is not a cross-gen addition to PS Plus this time around.

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