The Intellivision Amico may never be released

Intellivision Amico

The Intellivision Amico console was announced in 2018 and was meant to launch in October 2020 following a number of delays. The console never made that date and a recent SEC filing suggest the device may never make it in to production.

“It is possible that there may never be a fully operational Intellivision Amico,” states the SEC filing. “It is possible that the failure to release the product is the result of a change in business model upon [the] company’s making a determination that the business model, or some other factor, will not be in the best interest of [the] company and its stockholders/members/creditors.”

The filing also reveals that the company has never turned a profit since the project started and has “sustained losses since inception.” The company has “significant debt” and needs $10,000 to continue to run till July 2022. A bigger investment of $5 million will only allow the company to continue for “approximately seven to nine months.”

The SEC filing also suggests that Intellivision’s OS and software still are still not complete and the hardware is still undergoing testing.

When the console was revealed it seemed to be aimed at the casual gamer. Games announced were versions of classic arcade games, but there were some new titles including a four player racing game.

You can still pre-order the console via the official website which states that “We are constantly pushing our vendors and suppliers to help us bring Amico to life as soon as possible. We are currently targeting the release of Amico for the first quarter of 2022.” That seems very unlikely as we’re already half way through Q1 2022. GAME have updated their pre-order page with a release date of 31st December 2022, as has Amazon UK, so that does not inspire confidence.

The console, which includes two controllers and six games, is priced at $249 USD / £249.

Source: SEC via GI.Biz

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