Watch The Wolf Among Us 2’s reveal trailer here – coming out in 2023

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The new trailer for The Wolf Among Us 2 has been released, finally givings fans of Telltale’s graphic novel adaptation a new look of the long-promised sequel. The game’s still quite a way off, with release set for 2023 across PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, xbox One and PC via the Epic Games Store.

As we already knew, Bigby and Snow are both back to investigate new mysteries, with voice actors Adam Harrington and Erin Yvette reprising their roles. The trailer shows Bigby on a stakeout at the Good Sleep Motel, getting involved in a bad business with a scarecrow and a bust up that sees Bigby “losing control”. Anger management will be a theme for him in the coming game, that’s for sure, as Bigby finds himself outside of Fabletown and in a rather different situation.

The Wolf Among Us was easily one of the most celebrated games that Telltale released in their original guise. Set decades before the Fables graphic novel series, it featured Bigby Wolf who quickly ends up on the trail of a serial killer in Fabletown. The popularity made a sequel something of a no-brainer, but it took three years before Telltale announced one at San Diego Comic Con in 2017. Unfortunately, the studio folded in September 2018 before the game could be finished.

All was not quite lost, though. Skybound stepped in to finish off The Walking Dead: The Final Season, which was halfway complete when Telltale collapsed in on itself, and LCG Entertainment picked up the Telltale Games brand and re-founded the studio in early 2019. The Wolf Among Us 2 was announced at The Game Awards 2019, with writer Pierre Shorette and game directors Nick Herman and Dennis Lenart working on the project through their new independent studio AdHoc Studio, while Telltale has gone on to announce a new original series based in the sci-fi universe of The Expanse. The team have jumped from Telltale’s crusty old game engine to Unreal Engine for the sequel.

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  2. Loved Wolf 1. Yeah it’s 2023 for Wolf 2 which isn’t ideal but at least once it is released it sounds like all 5 episodes will be released fairly close together ?

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