Play online for free this weekend on PlayStation, Riders Republic is also free

playstation free weekend

As Sony love ruining relationships they have decided to make online play free this weekend on both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, you will not need PlayStation Plus. The Valentine’s weekend ruining event will run from February 12th 12.01am local time to February 14th 11:59 pm local time, not only over Valentine’s weekend but also the big day itself.

playstation free weekend

Also having a free weekend is Ubisoft’s Rider’s Republic. From February 10th to February 14th, you can access the full game for free on PlayStation and Xbox as well. All your progress from the free weekend will be automatically carried over if you decide to purchase the full game, and it will be on sale with 50% off.

“Riders Republic is a game players can effortlessly lose themselves in, even if the gameplay itself is pretty shallow,” said Jim in our review. “The endless barrage of events populating the world map become less exciting over time, resembling a shopping list rather than milestones in your ascension to extreme sports godhood. If you’re still keen to take the plunge, make sure you have a posse ready to party up with.”

Annoyingly Sony’s marketing for the free weekend seems to suggest you can also play Fall Guys, NBA 2K21, and Monster Hunter for free this weekend but these games are not having a free trial weekend so you will need to buy them. Quite why you would buy Fall Guys just so you can play it for one short weekend is a bit of a mystery.

If you don’t want to be chucked out the house by the missus for spending an entire weekend on your PlayStation you could head to the cinema as, after fifteen years of development hell, the Uncharted movie arrives today. However reviews are not that great, Empire only gave it two stars out of five.

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