What We Played #537 – Triangle Strategy, Rune Factory 5 & Elden Ring

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It’s coming. A crazy release schedule is looming over us though the second half of February and well into March, a wave of new games ready to sweep across consoles around the world. It’s really, seriously going to get underway next week with the release of Horizon Forbidden West. The review for Forbidden West goes live on Monday, so keep an eye out!

I’ve been playing a hell of a lot of Triangle Strategy, and it’s already a lovely bit of tactical toblerone. I played a bunch of VR too, checking out the Woojer Vest Edge, and Avicii Invector: Encore Edition with my fancy hat. Other than that, I busted out the Dreamcast and GameCube, sampling Crazy Taxi, Looney Tunes Space Race, Marvel Vs. Capcom 2, and Rogue Squadron II in all their glory.

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Nic B has given up on Yu-Gi-Oh because “it is naff”, and has gone back to Magic the Gathering which he says is “a much better game.” He’s also done the ususal Pogo, and Arceus mopping up.

Gareth was severely disappointed by the “unfinished, contradictory mess that is Dying Light 2”. He also played some Spidey Remastered to remind himself of a time when games delivered on promises and the hobby was still worth pursuing.

Aran played more Far Cry 6. He said, “I think I’m near the final stretch now. Yara is falling under guerrilla control. Just need to do the remaining story missions as I think I’ve done all the side missions now.”

Nick P is also pretty much finished with Fry Cry 6. He says, “I’m just waiting for the next insurgency so I can get my last trophy. Started the Alan Wake remaster which has been good so far, a proper nostalgia trip. Also dipped my toes in Windjammers 2!”

Ade picked up the excellent Guardians of the Galaxy in the recent sale and is really enjoying it! “The game is still rather glitchy, as Aran commented in his review, and I’m not entirely sold on the gameplay but the Guardian’s characterisation, banter filled script and compelling storyline are all fantastic.”

Tuffcub played Horizon: Forbidden West. There is no comment at this time. Meanwhile Miguel is playing Rune Factory 5 for review, dived into Pokemon Legends Arceus, and hopped onto Apex Legends a bit now that the new seasons out.

Steve is carrying on with Bloodborne after a dalliance with Elden Ring. He’s now working through Chalice Dungeons with just the last few story bosses to go. He tells us, “I’m toying with doing the USB save back up to go through all the endings but will no doubt replay it at some point (although hopefully on PC…). Depends on whether I feel desperate for the platinum I guess. I also played some more Kingdom of the Dead with the review forthcoming soon. Alongside those I carried on with New Super Lucky’s Tale and Windjammers 2 for Reward challenges and spent some commuting time with the obscure Angel and Punishment, a fun little barebones Metroidvania on Switch. Some big games coming soon so need to finish off that Bloodborne playthrough.”

And finally we come to Tef. His standouts from the week have been playing some of the rather fun GRID Legends multiplayer, rounded off his review of Crusader Kings 3: Royal Court, and has some things on the go that he’s not going to tell us about just yet. Rude!

What about you? What have you played?

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  1. Yay! After nearly 56 hours I completed the main story line of Mass Effect Andromeda, and most of the more important side quests to have 81% completion. That’s good enough for me.

    Then wanted something a bit more linear so started Metro 2033 Redux… damn, I’d forgotten just how on rails it was!

  2. I platinumed Iris Fall, which was enjoyable and different. I enjoyed the way they played with colours, contrast and dimensions. I also went back to Everybody’s Golf on PS4 and I’m playing through the side missions in Watch Dogs.
    Today I also took delivery of a PlayStation….3! I had the original phat, piano black 80gb version, but I kind of abandoned it and went straight to PS4 when they were released. I’ve kind of regretted it for some time and it feels so good to go back to! I bought it cheaply with some disc version games on eBay, so I was a bit cautious but I’ve tried firing it up and it works beautifully! I’ve been looking back at the PS Plus games I can go back to as well eg the 1st Red Dead Redemption! So playing PS3 is definitely how I’ll be spending my weekend! :-D

  3. Working my way through Uncharted 4 (PS5 upgrade). Must be the 4th or 5th time I’ve played through the campaign but it still feels fresh – always noticing new things that I must have missed in a previous play through. The game runs so smooth on the PS5. The loading times are non existent and it just looks and plays brilliantly (comparing to performance on the launch PS4).

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