The LEGO Horizon Forbidden West Tallneck set has been revealed

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LEGO and PlayStation have announced their first new model based off Horizon Forbidden West and Zero Dawn, recreating the series’ iconic Tallneck robot. The LEGO Tallneck will be available from May 2022 and priced at £69.99 / €79.99 / $79.99.

The Tallneck stands at 13.5″ tall, or 34cm for most of the world, and features 1,222 bricks and pieces in the set you build it out of. As an adult-focused Lego set, it comes with a diorama base that includes a little Lego Aloy and Watcher machine. There’s a degree of cusotmisation to the build, as you can use a new headpiece for Aloy and both bow and a bricky spear, and the Watcher has a choice of blue, yellow or red eyes.


Sadly the Tallneck will not emit an energy pulse and reveal nearby points of interest if you boop it on the head with Aloy’s Lego spear.

LEGO Horizon Forbidden West Tallneck

Isaac Snyder, Designer at the LEGO Group said, “Getting to team up with Guerrilla was truly remarkable. The Guerrilla team is incredibly passionate about the world of Horizon Forbidden West and were a huge help in ensuring we were able to create an authentic representation in LEGO form. Thanks to our close collaboration we were able to include references to all the most iconic aspects of Horizon Forbidden West, from incredible machines, mysterious ruins, unique tribes , and stunning scenery. There is a huge amount of mutual respect between the design teams and everyone involved was beyond excited to see this model come to life! Our hope is that everyone building this model has as much fun as we did designing it.”

The announcement comes just as Sony is preparing to release Horizon Forbidden West for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 on 18th February this week. The game is a fantastic sequel, taking the original Horizon Zero Dawn and improving and building upon practically every aspect. In our Horizon Forbidden West review, Tuffcub said:

“Horizon Forbidden West improves upon Zero Dawn in almost every aspect. The story is particularly well written and ebbs and flows from air punching highs to dark, horrific lows. Like later Jurassic Park movies it suffers from the fact that we’ve already seen massive robotic dinosaurs on our TVs, the wow factor is reduced, and that the puzzles, crafting, and RPG elements could have been lifted from any number of games. Even so, it’s still a spectacular robo-beast smack down and thoroughly enjoyable to play.”

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  1. This (and the other rumoured gaming sets) is more exciting to me than the actual sequel releasing this week.

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