Marvel’s Avengers overhaul announced as major hero returns

marvels avengers overhaul update 2022

Crystal Dynamics has outlined plans to overhaul Marvel’s Avengers in 2022, starting with a major update next month. The studio also teased that a familiar Avengers icon will take on a bigger role this year.


Despite building on top of the superhero RPG  with new content, game features, and playable characters, there are fundamental issues that still need to be addressed. “Core game systems must evolve,” Crystal Dynamics has said, stating that “a number of the systems built at launch haven’t grown and aren’t sufficiently delivering the most fun Super Hero team experience.”

These systems include the mission select screen as well as how gear works in Marvel’s Avengers. While it looks flashy, the game’s War Table has always been messy and frustrating to navigate, making it hard to find the content you’re looking to play. Crystal Dynamics plans to streamline this, helping players to launch into level-appropriate missions more easily.

Gear has been a similarly confusing part of the Marvel’s Avengers experience. Although there is scope within the game’s customisation options to create and refine superhero builds, this is never really emphasised or explained – something that will change in future updates.

Speaking of gear, you will soon be able to get your hands on exotic rewards more easily. The latest War Table round-up explains how the reward system is being overhauled and how missions are being tweaked to simplify how rare gear and items can be obtained.

Marvel’s Avengers characters we want to see in-game

We’re still waiting to see which superhero will be next to join Marvel’s Avengers. That said, it has been confirmed that SHIELD’s head honcho, Nick Fury, will return, hopefully introducing a new story arc.

Rumours suggest that Crystal Dynamics will be looking beyond the conventional cast of superheroes for its next featured hero. A now-deleted tweet from voice actress, Krizia Bajos, seemingly confirms that She-Hulk will join the game’s roster. Other strong contenders include Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch, tying in nicely with the next big MCU arc when Multiverse of Madness hits cinema screens later this year.

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