Final Fantasy XIV graphics update shows major improvement

Final Fantasy 14 Patch 6.05

Details of an upcoming Final Fantasy XIV graphics update have been teased in the game’s latest live panel with director, Naoki Yoshida.

Joined by other key staff developers, “Yoshi-P” periodically answers questions from the community while revealing what’s coming next for the smash hit MMORPG.

Unsurprisingly, support for FF14 will continue throughout 2022 following the major success of its Endwalker expansion. In this latest “Letter from the Producer LIVE” the team talk about improving the core game experience, outlining their first ever Final Fantasy XIV graphics update as well as changes to the Trust system.

Final Fantasy XIV Graphic Update

Let’s start with how the graphics are being upgraded. Expect improvements across the board, from character models and environments, to finer details, effects, and lighting. As such, the minimum PC requirements will be raised when update 7.0 rolls around with these new visuals. The team wants to keep the game looking fresh while no doubt wanting to add some extra flare to those epic cinematic moments, all while making sure the game isn’t too technically demanding to run. Here’s a gallery showing a side-by-side comparison (images sourced via Gematsu).

This places a question mark over how long PS4 support for Final Fantasy XIV will continue past update 7.0 – there will be a cut off point in future, hopefully allowing the devs to fully lean on the power of the PS5’s hardware. That said, Yoshida stresses that Final Fantasy XIV won’t be able to match the fidelity of mainline titles in the series, so don’t expect it to be on par with the upcoming XVI. At least visually.

Final Fantasy XIV Trust System Update

Changes are also coming to better implement the Trust system. In a nutshell, this feature allows players to engage in certain multiplayer activities without needing to find a party. Instead, those slots are filled by NPC companions. Trust system changes will be rolling out in coming updates leading up to patch 7.0, optimising content throughout the base game and beyond. This smart move should help remove some of those roadblocks obstructing solo players as they attempt to play through earlier scenario quests.

Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker Review

Our resident Final Fantasy XIV expert, Reuben, scored Endwalker a mighty 9 out 10 in his review:

“Once you’re past the horrendously long queues to actually get into the game, Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker was an almost flawless experience. This conclusion to a decade-long tale is told with a visual, musical and narrative artistry that isn’t often seen in any medium. Endwalker doesn’t quite reach the heights of earlier parts of the series, but it sure as hell ends the current arc with a bang and everyone involved with this game should feel damn proud of themselves.”

Despite being multiplayer-focused, there are plenty of long-time FF fans who regard XIV as the best entry in the series. It also boasts one of the best comeback stories in gaming history, Square salvaging an MMO that was dead on arrival and turning it into one of the genre’s forerunners.

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