Destiny 2’s servers are at full capacity, who could have predicted that?

destiny 2 server capacity full
destiny 2 server capacity full

It’s launch day for a Destiny 2 expansion and that can mean only one thing. Is it heart racing excitement? Amazeballs story telling? Fantabulous graphics and sound? No, of course not, it’s sitting in a queue waiting to get on the game without so much as a counter to let you how long you are going to wait. The Destiny 2 server capacity is full and has been since the expansion launched.

destiny 2 server capacity full

This may seem familiar to seasoned Destiny players although this time the lucky few who have got in the game seem to be staying there and there are no signs of any error codes such as Weasel. However, as this is always a problem when content launches people are rather miffed that Bungie seem to have done nothing to sort out the issue.

There are also suggestions that Bungie should have spent some of that lovely Sony money on some new hardware. However, adding new hardware may not be the solution to Destiny 2’s server capacity being full. Back in 2019 Alex Mann, a development manager and former QA analyst at EA explained why.

“Capacity isn’t necessarily about the number of servers,” said Mann. “Even if we’re expecting millions of players and we’ve got the servers, we’re not expecting them all to hit that login portal at the same time. It’s about having enough lanes on the motorway for people to come through. You’ve got two countries connected via bridge, and both countries have tons of space on them, but to move from the client country to the server country, how big do you make that bridge? That isn’t about ‘Let’s throw loads of money at it and make it bigger.’ At the end of the day, it’s often a bottleneck based on the technology and engine that you’re using.”

Small comfort for those sat waiting to get in the game but an explanation at least. While you wait, why not read the Patch Notes?

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