Dying Light 2 update 1.06 out for PS4 and PS5, Xbox later

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A new Dying Light 2 update is out now for both PS4 and PS5 versions of the game. Patch 1.06 makes a number of changes in response to player feedback, stamping out bugs and weaving in some handy new features.

Dying Light 2 update 1.06 is ready to download on PlayStation consoles. Xbox gamers who boot up their systems won’t see a notification for the patch just yet – Techland has confirmed a delay though it’s not certain how long you’ll have to wait.

The Polish studio seems to be handling each platform differently with PC updates coming in much faster. Meanwhile, console patches take a little longer due to the approval process. Check below to see what’s included in the new update.

Dying Light 2 Update 1.06 Patch Notes

  • Fixed the death loop issue. New cases shouldn’t appear any more and the old ones should be resolved.
  • Added Backup Save system that allows you to rollback your game progress (including your inventory) to the last working story save point.
  • Fixed some audio issues on PlayStation 4.
  • Fixed fast travel. Now works as intended after the main story has been finished.
  • Added improvements related to stability.

In our Dying Light 2 review we scored the survival horror sequel a 7/10. Although there have been some clever refinements, we also ran into some issues. Here’s what we had to say:

“Dying Light 2 expands and refines a formula Techland has been peddling since its breakout success with Dead Island. This sequel learns a lot from modern open world video games, its massive, zombie-infested sandbox rarely feeling empty, especially as you breeze through city blocks with a Mirror’s Edge-like finesse. However, Dying Light 2 inherits the same problems – a dull story, tiresome combat, and character progression that’s a tad too sluggish.”

In a follow up, we’ve since dissected the sequel further, examining how the game is less scarier than the original.

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