Elden Ring release timings confirmed – what time can you start playing this week?

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Bandai Namco and FromSoftware have confirmed the launch timings for Elden Ring around the world, making sure that everyone knows exactly what time they can load up and play the game in their particular region, time zone and platform.

Elden Ring launches on 25th February for PlayStation, Xbox and PC, but depending on the platform and where you live, you’ll be able to start playing at different times on Friday. Console gamers are lumped together with a rolling midnight launch across the world (with the exception of the US, which has four time zones united), while PC gamers have a single global unlock time at midnight in Europe (11PM UTC).


Elden Ring Launch Times


Here’s the major time zones you need to know:

New Zealand (NZDT UTC+12)

Consoles: Feb 25 – Midnight Local Time
PC: Feb 25 – 12:00pm NZDT

Australia (AEDT UTC+10))

Consoles: Feb 25 – Midnight Local Time
PC: Feb 25 – 10:00am AEDT

Europe (CET UTC+1)

Consoles: Feb 25 – Midnight Local Time
PC: Feb 25 – 12:00am CET


Consoles: Feb 25 – Midnight Local Time
PC: Feb 24 – 11:00pm GMT

US East Coast (ET UTC-5)

Consoles: Feb 25 – Midnight Local Time
PC: Feb 24 – 6:00pm ET

US West Coast (PT UTC-8)

Consoles: Feb 24 – 9:00pm PT
PC: Feb 24 – 3:00pm PT

Anyone pre-ordering the game digitally will be able to pre-load 48 hours before their unlock time, so they can click play as the bell strikes the hour.

That’s all well and good, but console gamers have long known a trick to play games early when they have a rolling midnight launch like this. Many players will switch their console region from the US, UK or Europe to New Zealand, making them honorary Kiwis in the eyes of the unlock timer and opening the flood gates to those regions earlier than planned. Then again, everyone knows that this is going to happen. The Elden Ring account tweeted, they have provided the unlock times “so that you may know, and in knowing, plan your actions.”

In our latest preview for Elden Ring, Steve wrote:

“Elden Ring’s more ambitious open world approach sees exploration shift from repeating challenging combat encounters and opening up new pathways, and more about seeing where you can get to in your chosen direction. The most obvious comparison here is Breath of the Wild and there is definitely a similar sense of freedom – there’s also the same ability to find yourself in areas that are clearly out of your league. That said, there are still dungeons and buildings to explore that play out in more traditional Souls style, so it isn’t a complete departure… It’s safe to say even at this early stage that Elden Ring feels like the natural evolution of Souls games and is shaping up to be a worthy entrant into FromSoftware’s legendary library.”

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  1. Well, I still got DS2 & 3 in my backlog, which I quickly should play through, but I’m not sure I can make it before this launch… 🤣
    Oh, and I just went back to Bloodborne, to finish that game finally, but that actually seems realistic by Friday..!

    • I’ve checked, and If you change your region to New Zealand on your console, then you can actually play DS2 and DS3 right now!

      • Thanks for the tip… 😂
        Maybe I could even play DS2 forward and DS3 backwards at the same time… (just watched Tenet and am slightly confused…).

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