Microprose launch an unexpectedly topical cold war flight sim, Tiny Combat Arena

microprose tiny combat arena
microprose tiny combat arena

Now I’m not saying that Microprose has a direct line to the Kremlin but the timing of Tiny Combat Arena is just a bit fishy. The game, a retro styled sim-lite combat title set during a cold war, “aims to strike the perfect balance between a simulator and an approachablecustomizable, air combat experience.”


It looks rather nifty, rather like those old Microprose games you used to get on the Commodore Amiga but with a much better frame rate. The game is the work of a single person, Why845, and it’s currently in Early Access on Steam. “This Early Access version is an invitation to all the fans to follow and contribute to the project. Specifics about the tasks and the priorities have even been shared on Trello and constant updates are also published on Twitter,” say Microprose.

How about some key features? We love key features!

  • Tiny Combat Arena is all about the fun factor of flying, dogfighting, and close air support. Simulation elements are added to the game in service of creating engaging and deep gameplay, never just for the sake of realism. Easy to learn mechanics, such as knowing that firing a missile from high altitude will boost its range, create a new range of tactics for you to explore.
  • The players will also have to arm his Harrier (the first plane available). Missiles, cannons, bombs; choosing specific loadouts for every mission.
  • Tiny Combat Arena lets players jump in and fly by quickly assembling various types of missions. Players can just have a placid stroll around some beautiful scenery or create missions with dogfights, strike objectives, and ground units to support.
  • In Arena Mode players can plan their moves on the strategic map; pick objectives, identify threats and choose which units to support and where to make a difference. There is a real war going on around and players will actively participate with perceivable results (or lack of!)
  • The in-game database is there not only to give the players detailed statistics on vehicles, aircraft, and weapons, but to also to give guidance on how to approach different tactical situations.

Source: Press release

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  1. Steam? Gah! Give me it on PlayStation, please

  2. Fair play to him, certainly got a lot further than I ever did with my retro flight sim project. One of these days I really will get around to restarting it…

    Looking good though, I’ll add it to my list of titles to check out.

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