PlayStation Plus March 2022 games revealed, includes some Ghost of Tsushima

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The PlayStation Plus March 2022 games lineup has officially been revealed and will include Ghost of Tsushima. Well, part of the game at least.

Quickly following today’s earlier PlayStation Plus leak, Sony has confirmed that subscribers will get their hands on not three, but four new games.


What will the PS Plus March 2022 games be?

The following games have been announced and will be available to download from March 1, 2022. They include:

Overall, this looks to be a solid lineup for next month. Ghostrunner is often praised as a fast and frenetic twist on the first person shooter formula, with Ark’s dino-infested multiplayer sandbox still populated by thousands of gamers every day.

If you love kart racers then Team Sonic Racing is worth a punt. It’s a decent enough entry to the genre and features a big roster of characters, though the team-based element wasn’t exactly a strong point.

Finally, we have Ghost of Tsushima Legends. Sony has cleverly sliced this multiplayer mode off the full Ghost of Tsushima package, presenting it as a standalone release. Is it worth playing? Definitely. Legends is one of the best online experiences available on PlayStation platforms and does a remarkable job adapting the game into something that can be enjoyed with your samurai squadmates.

Can I still download the February 2022 PlayStation Plus Games?

Yes you can. The PlayStation Plus games for February 2022 include:

Source: PlayStation Blog

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  1. They need that rumoured Spartacus thing to happen. Now.

    2 of the games for March have already been on PS Now. Ghostrunner isn’t anymore, but the Sonic racing game still is. Ark looks remarkably “meh”.

    And after all the complaining about the last 2 times they gave away part of a game (Godfall and the Tiny Tina one last month), they give us a bit of Ghost of Tsushima? The not so great bit too.

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