Elden Ring patch 1.02 released, read the notes here

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Elden Ring patch 1.02 has been released ahead of launch tomorrow, February 25th, by Bandai Namco. The patch looks to address some gameplay elements and a hardware issue on Xbox. The player controls have been updated to improve them, Elden Ring’s balance has been adjusted, frame rate drops that impact the game in some areas have been resolved, in game events have been fixed, and other bugs have also been squashed.


Elden Ring update 1.02 patch notes

  • Improved player controls
  • Addition and adjustment of BGM
  • Text adjustments
  • Balance adjustments
  • NPC event fixes and adjustments
  • Fixed frame rate drops under certain conditions
  • Fixed text bug in some languages
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Xbox wireless headset from working properly

he game won’t feature an easy mode or any assists, though we’ve heard increasing talk that this is the most accessible and stress-free Soulslike game the studio has worked on. “I think more players will finish it this time,” Miyazaki says. “The player’s level of freedom to progress through the world or return to a challenge later are all elements that I feel will help people get through the game at a more leisurely pace.”

Elden Ring will officially launch on February 25, 2022 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

Bandai Namco has also announced that ray tracing will come out in a future update. In our review for Elden Ring, Jason wrote: “Elden Ring is the game Souls fans have been waiting for. From the open world design, to riding into battle on Torrent’s back, and the dark narrative woven through the world, this is a clear Game of the Year frontrunner that will have us all ensnared for a long time to come”

Source: Bandai Namco
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