Elden Ring Spirits: Everything you need to know

Elden Ring spirits are a wonderful way to help balance out your own playstyle with a little bit of help. They can absolutely come in clutch in a lot of places, but you’ll need to know all about them if you actually want to get the most out of them. Otherwise, you’ll be left wondering where they are, and why they’re not helping you out.

So, we’ve put together a guide covering the things you need to know about Elden Ring spirits, including how you can summon them, where you can summon them, and what they’re good for. All you need to do is read on for a spoiler-free guide to Elden Ring spirits, and you’ll come away far wiser.

How to use Elden Ring spirits

The first thing you’ll need to do is prove yourself an ally of the spirit world. You can do this by getting your spectral steed, which you can find out how to do right here in our guide on the Elden Ring horse. Once you’ve garnered the affection of Torrent, you then just have to know where to go.


Elden Ring Spirits Guide 1

So, open up that map of yours and select the Church of Elleh grace and travel to it at night. If you’ve not found this Site of Grace yet, then it’s the one in the ruined church you can see straight ahead of you once you come out of the tutorial area. Simply go here and then look back towards the starting point and you should see a slightly spectral woman sat on the edge of the ruins. Her name is Renna, and you’ll likely meet her again.

Elden Ring Spirits Guide 2

Just talk to her and she’ll comment on your ability to commune with the spirits, and then give you the Spirit Calling Bell you need to use them in battle. If you’ve missed this somehow (and it’s quite possible) then you can buy this bell from Roundtable Hold from the Twin Maiden Husks. From there, all you need to do is have enough FP to use the spirits in any area where you can see the blue gravestone motif on the left-hand side of your screen. This tends to be in boss fights and large-scale battles.

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