What We Played #539 – Elden Ring, Atelier Sophie 2 & Horizon Forbidden West

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What have we been playing this week to drown out the real world? Well, in preparation for Elden Ring – which is the best-reviewed game of the year so far – I started on the Demon’s Souls remaster I’d had sat in my gaming draw of shame. I’ve really been enjoying it so far, but now feel like Elden Ring should probably take its place in the drawer while I finish it. I’m not sure that’s going to happen though. I’ve also been plugging away in Triangle Strategy on its way to review, and playing more King of Fighters XV.

Miguel chimed in with his week of gaming, which has included a bunch of Atelier Sophie 2 – and let me a-tel-yer that there’s a review of that now live – a bunch of Pokémon Legends Arceus, and a random afternoon of co-op that raced through River City Girls, Streets of Rage 4, and Kirby Star Allies.

Horizon Forbidden West Coast

Nic B has joined the crowds picking up last week’s game of choice: Horizon Forbidden West, but his gaze is already turning back to Pokémon Go with a Johto tour this weekend. On a very different path, Gamoc has been mopping up side content in Horizon Zero Dawn, and is quite likely to do a new game + run through the game some time soon. He also downloaded Red Dead Redemption 2, but mainly to mess around and not to replay it.

A copy of Elden Ring arrived a day early for Aran, who’s been building up to it by playing through Death’s Door, which was “excellent if a bit tough at times”. He bounced off Aragami 2, Before We leave and Daemon X Machina, though.

Nick P had an interesting time reviewing Martha is Dead – just read it to find out why – but got sucked into Sifu, which he’s had a great time with. “I’m really enjoying the combat, learning the combos and working out how to beat bosses.” Then again, he says,  “I also don’t think it’s as difficult as people are saying. It just takes practice and in no time, you are creating your own martial arts epic.”

Elden Ring Review Dragon

Jason’s been playing so, so, so much Elden Ring – finishing the game in 51.5 hours for our review – that he hasn’t even touched his Rocket League this week!

Diving into the Warhammer fantasy universe with Total War: Warhammer III, Jim had some thoughts. “It’s incredible just how much work has gone into recreating the Old World which now houses a ridiculous number of factions, each with their own unique heroes, units, and campaign mechanics. Starting with the Ogre Kingdoms, I’ve been terrorising my Empire and Dwarf neighbours while keep an eye on the Chaos corruption that’s began to spread.”

He’s also returned to For Honor and is “both shocked and impressed how easily it got its hooks sunk in me for the umpteenth time. The devs have continued to fine tune and rebalance just about every part of this amazing fighting game – I can’t wait to see what’s coming for Year 6 of Ubisoft’s roadmap.”

Ade finished off Guardians of the Galaxy this week, enjoying the story, script and characterisation, but finding the gameplay rather so-so. “Highlights included Drax impaling himself on his own daggers during a conversation, Star Lord stuck on a rock during a slide section and all of the team’s speech audio not working when they were using their communicators. Many chortles were had!”

Guardians of the Galaxy Melee

Infernax has become “the best Contra game in decades”, according to Steve, who unlocked the mode using the classic Konami code. He’s also been playing far, far, far, far too many demos from the Steam Next Fext, “to mixed results”.

Finally, Tef has been off to the races all week. He reviewed GRID Legends, which was a decent evolution of the 2019 reboot, but ultimately comes up short in comparison to the rest of the genre. He’s also had to break out his racing wheel, as Assetto Corsa Competizione has landed on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, and he’s on duty for out upcoming Gran Turismo 7 review.

Now then, what have you been playing?

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  1. A bit more Metro 2033. Think I’m about half way through from what I recall of the books story.

    Also decided to take the 1TB SSD out of my workstation that hasn’t even been switched on in over a year and put in in my PS4 Pro. Not the night and day difference like in a PC but definitely faster loading in Mass Effect and HZD. The checkpoint reloads in Metro are now pretty much instantaneous too. I don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner!

  2. I finally got a PS5. Technically it was for my son’s birthday, but not really, lol. Played the Astro game that it comes with, which we’ve enjoyed, then I’ve upgraded FIFA 21. What games should we get? He’s 9 btw.

    • Not easy for me to say, I mostly play older games with my kids, not specifically PS5 games. Maybe Kena, but I’ve not got that yet.

    • Ratchet & Clank for him – and Deathloop for yourself . Plus don’t forget there’s a bunch of PS4 games with PS5 upgrades, ie No Mans Sky etc.

  3. I’ve been playing Everybody’s Golf and snapping up cheap games for the PS 3 – it’s the future, I tell you! Well, clearly it isn’t, but it is remarkably enjoyable. It’s definitely been an investment I’m delighted with! I’ve also been playing Lego Batman 2 on Vita and I’ve somehow got sucked into Lego Worlds, which is surprisingly more-ish! All I need is, frankly, more spare hours in the day!

  4. I wanted to finish Bloodborne finally, after not having touched it for almost two years. But then I got sidetracked in the DLC and went after the final boss there, Kos. After several attempts I managed to find someone to help me out with it, so that was done. It’s quite amazing you still easily find people playing this online who help out, after all these years. Then, I got sidetracked in the dungeons, that game just offers so much. But I’m very close now…

  5. The week started with a game of “how much can I sell a bunch of old games going back 25 years for and will that cover the cost of a PSVR2?” (450 quid and nobody knows, yet”)

    And then ended with the funeral of a friend I’ve known since I started university 31 years ago. Which was less than ideal.

    In between? Finished of the platinum for Little Big Workshop, which was an entertaining little PS Now game. Got tempted by the sales again with Trails of Cold Steel, which is definitely a decent RPG that really likes to take it’s time. And Indivisible, which is fun in many ways, except the horrible platforming bits in the middle of boss fights.

    And also did some stuff with rock and stone. For Karl. (One of the best ps+games in a long time)

  6. Elden ring has awoken me from my Dreams and it’s a thrill to be exploring it’s world. It’s a level of excitement i haven’t felt for a while, like playing Skyrim or Bloodborne for the first time. I’ve done well so far, skirting about the beginning area, finding Grace points and starting to level up, mopping up mostly the smaller enemies. Then i ever so cautiously tiptoed around some swampy ruins, found a chest and i was transported to a mine where i was trolled hideously by an insect-like creature, who one-shotted me repeatedly. Eventually i plucked up the courage to run for my life xD

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