Dragon Age 4 executive producer leaves, more game details expected later this year

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Dragon Age 4 is down an executive producer as it has been announced by BioWare that Christian Dalley has left the company, having been with the company since 2018. The reasons for Christian’s departure seem to be that he wants to do try something new in the industry, though there is not much more detail than that. However, this should not have a major impact on the development of Dragon Age 4, with more details about the game expected to be released through the year as production continues.


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In a blog post Gary McKay confirmed the team leading the development of Dragon Age 4, writing, “A strong leadership team of industry and Dragon Age veterans is in place to carry us through Production and beyond. The game’s Production Director is Mac Walters, who recently led the development for Mass Effect Legendary Edition and has an 18-year history with BioWare. Corrine Busche, who has been leading the design direction for Dragon Age, is our Game Director. She has a wealth of experience, including 15 years at EA, and a passion for the franchise. Benoit Houle is the Director of Product Development, and he brings an in-depth understanding of the franchise thanks to having worked on every single Dragon Age game – starting over 16 years ago on Dragon Age: Origins. I will also be working more closely with the Dragon Age team as they go through production while continuing to guide the studio.”

Dragon Age 4 was first publicly acknowledged in 2020, as EA were foreshadowing their next-gen plans for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S – Dragon Age 4 is reportedly a PS5, Xbox Series and PC game, that ditches support for the last generation. Rumours suggest that the next Dragon Age will be released at some point in 2023.

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