Pokémon Legends: Arceus ‘Daybreak’ update is out today

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A content update for Pokémon Legends: Arceus has been released today, with version 1.1.0 dubbed ‘Daybreak’ and bringing some new content and features to the popular game. There’s also a free goodie bundle to celebrate Pokémon Day.


The Daybreak update adds a new investigation to the game with a string of mysterious mass outbreaks of Pokémon popping up across the Hisui region. You’ll head out with Warden Mai of the Diamond Clan and her partner Munchlax to investigate what’s causing them.

Aside from that, you might want to test your Pokémon skills in battle with new combat challenges at the training grounds in Jubilife Village. You’ll be able to take on the wardens that you meet on your travels or take on challenge battles which could put certain constraints on you.

And the battling doesn’t have to stop when you go to sleep! When you sleep in your quarters in game, you can meet Arceus in your dreams and take on a challenge of strength against some incredibly strong Pokémon. Again, there will be some taxing scenarios, such as facing multiple Legendary Pokémon at once.

If this all sounds like end-game content, that’s because it is! The Eternal Battle Reverie will become available after completing all missions.​

Celebrating Pokémon Day, you can get a bundle of goodies to help you on your travels by entering the password ARCEUSADVENTURE in the Mystery Gifts menu in your game before Thursday, 31st March 2022. This will give you a gift bundle that includes 30 Ultra Balls, 30 Gigaton Balls, and 30 Jet Balls.

Pokémon Arceus Free Gift

Pokémon Legends was a breath of fresh air when it launched this time last month. In our Pokémon Legends: Arceus review, Nic scored the spin-off a stellar 9/10:

“Pokémon Legends Arceus is a must-play game for fans of the franchise. Not only is it the very best Pokémon game yet, but it elegantly takes the formula and flips it on its head, creating a unique new challenge that fans will love. With the nods to the anime and Pokémon games abound, Arceus feels very much like a love letter from Game Freak.”

Pokémon fans might be excused for already looking to the future, though. There’s new Pokémon games coming! Pokémon Scarlet & Pokémon Violet will launch for Nintendo Switch in late 2022, presumably bringing a lot of the new and revised gameplay ideas from Pokémon Legends Arceus back into the main game series. That would be rather popular, considering the relatively negative reaction that Pokémon Sword & Shield received from the series’ die hard fans.

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