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Best tips & tricks for playing the Ronin.
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The first choice you’ll make in Ghost of Tsushima: Legends is picking one of the co-op mode’s four playable classes. Compared to the other three, the Ronin is perhaps the most ambiguous as he’s not specifically melee, ranged, or stealth focused. Instead he fills more of a support role.

Team composition is key in Ghost of Tsushima: Legends and it won’t take long for the Ronin to prove himself a worthy party member. He’s your go-to guy for healing, his ultimate – Breath of Izanami – allowing you to revive multiple fallen allies simultaneously.


When playing Survival on Silver tier difficulty or higher the Ronin becomes an essential part of any squad, keeping everyone’s health topped up while carefully unleashing his ultimate when it’s needed.

Ronin Overview

The Ronin more than makes up for his lack of offence with reliable support actions but requires a team player mindset. His Healing Incense should be used regularly and in proximity of allies in combination with Weakening Burst. This power consumes one Resolve but plants a helpful debuff on surrounding enemies, dropping their attack power and defence by 25%. If timed correctly, you and your companions can unleash a deadly onslaught. However, knowing when to spend Resolve and when to keep it for Breath of Izanami is the sign of a great Ronin player.

Another highlight worth mentioning are bombs. Initially, the Ronin is the only class able to carry bombs which can help wreak havoc and are generally quicker and easier to use than bows.

Ghost of Tsushima Legends Ronin Techniques

Name Type Rank Required Description
Breath of Izanami Ultimate 0 Revive all downed allies
Spirit Animal Class Ability 1 Summon a friendly dog companion for a short amount of time
Enhanced Ghost Weapons Perk | Slot 1 2 Increase damage from all Ghost Weapons by 50%
Staggering Imposition Perk | Slot 2 3 Increase Stagger damage inflicted by 15%
Soothing Breath Perk | Slot 3 5 Breath of Izanami now also applies a heal over time to all players for 8 seconds
Weakening Burst Perk | Slot 1 7 Weaken enemies so they deal 25% less damage and take 25% more damage
Resolve Increase Perk | Slot 2 9 Increase max Resolve by 1
Healing Incense Class Ability 10 Deploy a small pot of incense that heals nearby allies
Fire Breath Perk | Slot 3 11 Breath of Izanami now also ignites enemies near all players
Ronin Unleashed Perk | Slot 1 14 Decrease class ability cooldown by 15%
Quick Regen Perk | Slot 2 16 Increase healing received and health regen by 50%
Legendary Perk | Slot 3 18 Increases the number of Legendary items you can equip by 1

Unless you’re in a party with other Ronin, you should always select Healing Incense as your class ability. Having a spirit dog is fun and all but they’re not as essential, only distracting enemies for a short time while you could be healing instead.

You should really be taking Weakening Burst in your first perk slot for the reasons mentioned earlier. If used well and often it can help in just about every combat scenario. That said, Enhanced Ghost Weapons could also come in handy if you’re particularly handy with you kunai and caltrops.

In perk slot two, we recommend taking the Resolve Increase. Again, this links back to Weakening Burst – when at full Resolve you have enough to activate this ability then have enough left over in case you need an emergency Breath of Izanami. Opting for Staggering Imposition is a solid backup for those Ronin who thrive at guard breaking enemies and maintaining crowd control.

Finally, in perk slot three you can mix things up here. Naturally, we’d go for Soothing Breath due to its healing properties but if you’re already carrying other medic perks then Fire Breath might be more suitable, potentially torching swathes of enemies that surround individual squad mates.

Since the Rivals update, there are four new techniques available that require you to complete Item Mastery challenges:

  • Flaming Roar – Unleash a ball of fire and ignite surrounding enemies.
  • Legendary – Increase the number of Legendary Items you can equip by 1.
  • Cure All – Any time the Ronin is healed, his teammates receive 50% as well.
  • Staggering Breath – Breath of Izanami creates a massive shockwave that knocks back all nearby enemies and weakens them.

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