Stalker 2 development on hold amid Russian invasion of Ukraine

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Stalker 2 developer, GSC Game World, has stopped working on the long-awaited sequel until “after the victory” over Russia in Ukraine.

Headquartered in Kyiv, the Ukrainian capital has been under fire from the Russian military with forces attempting to encircle the city. Unsurprisingly, GSC has put Stalker 2 on the backburner until the crisis is (hopefully) resolved.


In a message to fans, the team half-joked that “‘Gameplay when’ is no longer the most common question. Now we hear ‘Are you guys okay?’ more and more.” This accompanied their latest Stalker 2 development diary, showcasing how GSC has been putting together the game’s cutscenes.

“The previous week we were editing the video about our motion capture studio,” GSC says. “We wanted to show how the cutscenes were created, took time to watch the videos, write scripts and speak with actors. The previous week was ages ago.”

On the 24th of February Russia declared war on Ukraine and sent rockets, tanks, and soldiers to our homeland. Our country is forced to fight for existence again. Now we are striving to help our employees and their families to survive. The game development shifted to the side-lines. But we will definitely continue. After the victory. Glory to Ukraine.

Stalker 2 was originally meant to launch in early 2022 but has since been pushed back to December 8th, 2022. There’s a good chance that it will miss this oddly specific release date, but so what? The safety and wellbeing of GSC Game World staffers and their families is paramount – our thoughts are currently with them.

At this point, the controversy surrounding Stalker’s development almost outweighs fans’ fascination with the first game that launched many years ago. A grimly immersive first person shooter set within the remnants of Chernobyl’s Exclusion Zone, Stalker wowed with its bleak yet brilliant visuals and light RPG influences.

Quickly followed up by two expansions, developer GSC fell apart while working on its hotly-anticipated sequel. After years of rumour and speculation, the studio has returned and hopefully it won’t be long before we get to see the game in action.

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