Dauntless update 1.9.3 adds new Behemoth and Omnicell

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Phoenix Labs has released a new Dauntless update, adding new content to its monster-hunting action RPG.

The New Dawn update (referred to as Dauntless patch 1.9.3) summons a new Behemoth to slay: the Lightbound Koshai. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a variant on existing creatures, the Koshai switching from Terra to Radiant element-type with new attacks in its arsenal.

Hunting the Lightbound Koshai will earn slayers Brilliant Plumes which can be used to craft the Artificer omnicell – a support drone that will assist you in hunts.

Dauntless update 1.9.3 is ready to download on all platforms including PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC. See below for what else is included in New Dawn.

Dauntless New Dawn Highlights

  • Variant Behemoth: Lightbound Koshai

A kind of crystalline Koshai has been spotted in the Shattered Isles. Like the Chronovore, it bends time itself through the power of radiant aether. But, where did this new Behemoth come from? And why is it so interested in an Orrery mining operation on Conundrum Rocks? Rumour has it that this Behemoth’s parts can be used to craft a new kind of Omnicell.

  • Omnicell: Artificer

The new Artificer omnicell enables you to channel the near-mystical power of radiant aether and step into a true support role. It can perform four functions: revive players, remove debuffs, weaken Behemoths, and create walls.

  • Conundrum Rocks: The Crystal Mine

Conundrum Rocks has a new explorable cave system. When the Orrery discovered this cavern of glittering crystal, they sent a team to study and extract the mineral. What secrets will you uncover there?

  • Aether Wind

New glider challenges. Find Aether Wind crystals and use the power of a patrol key to activate them. Once activated, they’ll attune you to the radiant aether frequency, marking the currents with crystal rings. Fly through each ring to earn a reward.

To get started, look for Honest Ozz on Conundrum Rocks. Master all six courses on Conundrum Rocks and The Paradox Breaks for maximum rewards.

  • New Hunt Pass: Reach of Radiance

The latest Dauntless update also makes a number of balance changes and quality of life improvements. They can be found in the official patch notes.

We recently re-reviewed Dauntless for 2022 – a lot has changed since the game’s first iteration.

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