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A huge part of the joy of a new Gran Turismo game is going through those early License Tests, taking on early cups, races and championships while driving an underpowered hatchback and starting off your collection of cars. But what if you just want to quickly unlock GT7 multiplayer and get a quick race in?

Unfortunately, the way that Gran Turismo 7 is structured prevents you from doing any online multiplayer until you’ve played for a few hours of the Café-guided single player missions.

Sport and multiplayer lobbies are off to the right hand side of the World Map, but they’re not unlocked to start with…

How to unlock GT7 multiplayer

In order to unlock the Sport mode multiplayer, custom online lobbies and meeting place rooms, you must complete the Menu Book No. 9 from the Café at the centre of the World Map, completing the Tokyo Highway Parade championship. But what does that entail?

Having started the game, bought your first car from the used car dealership and completed your first race, your initial guide, Sarah, will lead you to the Café and introduce you to Luca. Luca and the Café will then hand you a string of mission objectives that will lead you through different races, to different activities on the world map and introduce you to the full suite of the game’s options and possibilities.

If you want to play multiplayer, then your only option is to work through these menu books. The plus side is that you’ll earn some cash and vehicles from doing this.

Gran Turismo 7 GT7 Multiplayer Unlock

The excellent Sport mode returns from GT Sport

How long does it take to unlock multiplayer?

Some of the Menu Book tasks are simply to visit the Tuning Shop, do a License Test, take a photo in Scapes, while the most time consuming will send you to earn themed trios of cars. If you really want, you can buy them from the store, but that’s a fools errand when you just need to finish in third place at specific, highlighted race events.

You’ll have to take part in and succeed through around 15 races, some of which can be skipped and some of which are grouped together in a championship, and will likely need to play for around 3 hours before the multiplayer modes are unlocked for you.

But our advice would be to take your time and savour the early game Gran Turismo vibes. These games don’t come around every year.

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