Babylon’s Fall update adds brutal endgame boss

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A new Babylon’s Fall update has been released, introducing more endgame content for Sentinels to tackle.


Babylon’s Fall update 1.0.1 is ready to download now on PC, PS4, and PS5 – you’ll need to install this latest patch and log into the game using your Square Enix ID to play.

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You and your teammates can go face to face with one of the game’s Warlords, Kur. This battle can be played either in hard or very hard, with exotic rewards up for grabs.

Babylon’s Fall Update 1.0.1 Patch Notes


Duels are grueling quests that pit you against extremely strong enemies called Warlords!
The conditions for failure are also tough, so optimizing your gear and formulating a strategy with your party is highly recommended!

New Quests

  • (“Kur: Very Hard” is unlocked after completing “Kur: Hard”.)
  • Conditions: Complete the quest “Heart of the Blue Sun”.
  • How to join: From the Quest Board, select “Tower of Babylon” ⇒ “Thieves’ Cloister”, then “Kur: Hard” or “Kur: Very Hard”.
  • Rewards: A chance to obtain a rare “Dragon’s Horn” material and “Cobra Bangle” accessory! Complete them repeatedly to increase your chances of obtaining the rewards!

The change log for the latest update doesn’t outline any bug fixes or improvements to the core game.

We’ve been playing Babylon’s Fall for the best part of a week now. Without pulling any punches, it’s easily one of the worst games of 2022 so far. Visually it’s a mess with ugly character models trudging through dull mazes, the storyline doing very little to keep players engaged.

What’s perhaps more egregious is Square Enix’s blatant attempts to monetise the game beyond its laughable £59.99 price tag. We explain more about Babylon’s Fall microtransactions here.

On day one, there’s a battle pass, daily missions, login rewards, and plenty of ways to spend money on microtransactions. Even if Babylon’s Fall launched as a free-to-play title, we’d still be left very disappointed.

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