Dying Light 2 DLC tease points to parkour racing

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Dying Light 2 DLC is on the way and, according to Techland’s latest tease, it will focus on the sequel’s parkour gameplay.

Dying Light 2’s evolution of the original game’s free-running and traversal is easily its biggest strength. Not only are you climbing, shimmying, and leaping your way through the urban jungle of Villedor, Techland also introduces some game-changing gadgets, creating new ways of moving around.

Scattered across the game world are a number of parkour challenges that have you racing between checkpoints as a timer ticks down. It’s unclear exactly what this upcoming Dying Light 2 DLC will add, but we’d guess it’s more of these challenges, as well as some running gear, and perhaps multiplayer races.

Techland recently launched a major patch for its survival horror sequel. This new Dying Light 2 update makes a number of tweaks and improvements while adding bonus graphics options on Xbox. Meanwhile, Techland has quietly launched a next-gen update for the original Dying Light. Available to download for free, this new patch supercharges the zombie survival game with improved performance and visuals.

In our Dying Light 2 review we scored the survival horror sequel a 7/10. Although there have been some clever refinements, we also ran into some issues. Here’s what we had to say:

Dying Light 2 expands and refines a formula Techland has been peddling since its breakout success with Dead Island. This sequel learns a lot from modern open world video games, its massive, zombie-infested sandbox rarely feeling empty, especially as you breeze through city blocks with a Mirror’s Edge-like finesse. However, Dying Light 2 inherits the same problems – a dull story, tiresome combat, and character progression that’s a tad too sluggish.

In a follow up, we’ve since dissected the sequel further, examining how the game is less scarier than the original.

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