Skybound Games reveal WrestleQuest and Escape Academy

WrestleQuest Header

Skybound Games has announced two new indie games that they are publishing: WrestleQuest by Mega Cat Studios and, as part of their new iam8bit Presents brand and partnership, Escape Academy from Coin Crew Games. Both are coming out in 2022.

WestleQuest will certainly be a game for fans of wrestling, a new RPG adventure from Mega Cat Studios, but one that’s got a licensed roster of wrestlers, from Randy Savage and Jeff Jarrett, to Diamond Dallas Page, Booker T, and more. You don’t play as any of those, but instead fill the boots of a up and coming wrestler on a quest to become one of the all-time greats, while engaging in traditional-looking RPG battling.


The game leans on a pixel art style that’s intended to evoke memories of classic wrestling bouts, and all the toys and action figures that came with it.

WrestleQuest will be coming out for Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and PC this summer.

Escape Academy from Coin Crew Games looks to bring the escape room experience to screens near you. It will throw you into a variety of team-based exploration of 3D rooms through the academy and time-pressure challenges that you’ll have to overcome in order to make it out the other end. You can team up with another player in split-screen, or take your co-operation online. Puzzle room games have become quite popular, particularly in VR, so it’ll be interesting to see how this game shapes up.

Escape Academy will be coming out for Xbox, PlayStation and PC in June. It’ll be on Xbox Game Pass, as well.

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