Moss: Book II heads to PSVR on 31st March, new gameplay revealed

Moss Book 2
Moss Book 2

Moss: Book II will release on 31st March for PlayStation VR, developer Polyarc has announced. To mark the announcement, they sat down with PlayStation to record a PS Underground video that dives into the new weapons and gameplay that you’ll find in this VR sequel.

Moss: Book II picks up right after the end of the first game, as our mousey hero Quill has just managed to rescue her uncle Argus. The adventure continues as Quill is now firmly in the crosshairs of the Arcane forces that he’s been battling with your help. The video starts within the gardens area just outside the castle that featured in the first game, though this is a few chapters into the game and there’s also some new characters that have already been met.

As in the original game, Quill is aided in her journey by you, the Reader, able to reach into and manipulate parts of the world as well as guiding our hero. You’ve picked up some new abilities, such as the nature attunement that lets you grow vine bridges and paint vines on walls for Quill to climb up…. which is a new skill that Quill has just learnt!

There’s new dangers to face off against, such as the Ripper, a foe that you’re able to grab and interact with. You can wind them up and release them like wrecking balls (which might just happen to feature in some puzzles you need to solve). There’s also the Bomber, which tosses mines all over the shop.

Beyond the gardens, you’ll head down to the Foundry beneath the castle, which is where the Arcane forge their weapons. Quill has new weapons of her own, such as a hammer that can be used to crush things.

When we reviewed the original Moss on PSVR, Jim said, “Moss is an absolute joy to play, proving that a great VR experience doesn’t always require that you flail your arms around while fending off bouts of motion sickness. It’s a wonderfully realised puzzle platformer with clever twists, beautiful backdrops, and an adorable hero, making PlayStation VR even more tempting for prospective buyers.”

It’s one of quite a handful of PSVR games rushing to launch in early 2022, alongside the likes of Zenith: The Last City and The Last Worker. Why ever would developers be pushing to get their games out the door in what is already a ludicrously busy period for game releases? Well, when you’ve got PlayStation VR2 bearing down on you, promising to use the PS5 to deliver vastly more impressive graphics, secret vents, and a whole new paradigm for the way that VR tracks motion so that it doesn’t need a camera, you might be in a bit of a rush to get your game out the door.

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  1. One of the rare games I look forward to, the first was indeed a joy to play.

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